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Uni student by day, reader-of-food by night, and macaroniac and chocoholic 24/7.
          Hello :) I'm a Viet teenage girl with an endless craving for chocolate, desserts, baking, and anything involving Inception, Heston Blumenthal, and Nolan's Batman.  I love my Viet food, and so I rarely ever go out to eat Viet food, because my parents and grandmother love to cook it and savour it every day.  In my spare time, I am a browser and subscriber to many food blogs, a taker of photos, and an addict of Castle, Community and Suits.

I now own a Canon EOS 400D DSLR.

          Most of the photos from 2012 have been taken using my Canon Powershot A450 10MP point-and-shoot camera, a lovely gift from my aunt that I have frequently been using since year 10.  I've always had the urge to write a blog and log my journeys in some way, as I've always taken photos of everything since the day I got this camera.  I've been filming video journals, too, for I remember that when in year 7, my History teacher told me that memories can be well kept in photo form, and it would be better in video form, because then you can recording the particular remarks and mannerisms of those who you're filming, and those little things are always worth remembering. Now that I own a small DSLR, given to be by my dad, I'm really excited about my upcoming photo-ventures with this little baby :)
I am a sucker for packaged chips and the occasional pork crackling.

          My palate is somewhat leaned towards something well seasoned, and not visually drowned in oil.  I absolutely adore Viet food - I feel really blessed to already be part of such a rich culture with lovely, fresh and healthy food - and I love to experience dishes of different cultures.  I like it that food can tell a story of a culture or a family, and I really like it how dishes that have bled through different races have striking similarities, but it only takes one or two ingredients to make them starkly different, and have the best of flavours independently.  

I'm an adventurous eater.

          I like to choose a different dish everytime I eat out, but I do like classics as well.  I have a passion for baking, and I sure do love desserts :)

I'm not an avid reader. 

          But when I do, it's mainly about food.  My bookshelf is currently a collection of dessert and pastry cookbooks, as well as newspaper cutouts of Matt Moran's recipes, and Donna Hay's recipes from the Sunday Magazine.  I also proudly own a Filipino cookbook, as I have rarely ventured through that cuisine, and am very excited to learn more about it, as also for a whole range of Asian cuisines.

          I am currently reading Herve This' Kitchen Mysteries, a book explaining all the technicalities behind why things smell and taste like they do, and what steps and procedures do we take to  acquire a certain taste and texture.

Formerly a quest to find and appreciate good food mainly through having the bonus of 10 free periods per week amidst the Surry Hills surroundings, I am now on a quest to further develop my love, passion, and palate for all things food-y, food-science-y, and story-telling.

So join me on an adventure, and let's eat our way through the suburbs of Sydney!

<3 Heston
<3 Zumbo
<3 Christopher Nolan 
<3 Christina Marsigliese
<3 Macarons

PS. You can contact me at tina.tran307@gmail.com for anything :)
(Rewritten on 11/2/13)

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