Sunday, 9 February 2014

How About Juice - Surry Hills

It’s a Monday morning and you need something to wake you up.  But the coffee energy lasts for about an hour and you’re back to your tired self.  Or it’s a hot day and you need something quick to cool you down, but that Magnum ice cream in the fridge add some pounds around your waistline?

So…how about juice? :)
Surry Hills, home to Sydney’s ever-changing food scene, welcomes a new and healthy addition into its culinary family.  The boutique juice bar is on the end of Reservoir St, only a 5 minute walk from Central Station - it’s healthy AND convenient!
The shop is co-owned by 5 people, who all love juice, so they thought "why not spread the love? :)", and together they've created a spectacular menu filled with delicious breakfast, lunch and snack options; from juices to smoothies to salads to nut boxes – all fresh!

It's my sister Ann's HSC year this year, and with that comes the introduction to that beverage we all come for that morning-kick-out-of-the-freaking-bed.  So I decided to take Ann along with me to How About Juice, as juice is without a doubt a much healthier and more effective alternative to the morning coffee.  And this cute little juice bar has a colour-coded juice menu, each with a different taste and function to suit your needs! And, even better, you get the choice of making your own juice, all the ingredients are provided for you, so you get to enjoy the fun part of drinking it without the hassle of making it :) !
 Look at all that fresh fruit! Deeeelicious!
And yes, they even sell fruit!
Having done Jason Vale’s Juice detox before, I know how important juice is in regards to cleansing the body, and a lot of us don’t have that time to select and buy all the ingredients needed for a juice detox, not to mention the amount of space it takes up in your fridge.  Luckily, How About Juice incorporates vegies into its juices, and so you get the multitude of health benefits that ginger or kale provides you. 
Red Ranger/Sunshine

The Red Ranger is exactly what you need to wake you up in the morning - the warmth of the ginger that wakes up the senses, the brightening citrus and vibrant red colour of the beetroot is so lovely to look at! And I sure know why the Sunshine is a best-seller - it’s such a refreshing drink packed with watermelon juice, and finishes off with a lovely hint of mint - great to quench one’s thirst for that hot Sydney weather, which, to be honest, will pop up in almost any season!

The thing I love about these juices is that you can actually taste every element that makes them, and each juice is unique and delicious – none of them are the same colour, or overlap too much in their taste either.
Special breakfast of the day: Tommy’s breakfast parfait.  A scoop through all the layers leaves me amazed at the beautiful combination of these fresh simple ingredients, like wow!! Layer upon layer of fresh mango (yay! It's mango season! Gotta love mangoes :P ), thick and creamy greek yoghurt, muesli and the specially made apricot compote from Tommy puts this baby on the top of my list of go-to breakfast options.  Ann and I were continuously saying “yummmm” and “wow what is this? It’s so good OMG!” in awe of this beautiful parfait. 

Now to their selection of salads.  These are great to accompany your lean chicken or tuna  - that would make a perfect lunch!  Below were the ones that were sold at the time Ann and I visited the juice bar, and we had two of them: 
Pumpkin and rocket salad: jap pumpkin, wild rocket leaves, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts with balsamic honey dressing (featured bottom left in the picture)
I found the pumpkin could’ve been steamed/cooked a bit more to make the texture a tad creamier and softer. However, Tommy's special balsamic dressing rocked our world - it brought everything together, oh yummmm :)  

Chicken and orange salad: fine grilled chicken with mixed salad leaves, corn kernels and onions (featured top right in the picture)
There was also some grapefruit pieces in the salad, and topped up with some original chicken salad sauce, ooh Tommy, what’s the secret ingredient this time? :P
Xavier preparing the juices and smoothies :)

Their smoothies are also packed with fruity energy and flavour, and you can add protein powder or more yoghurt to them - the peeps from How About Juice definitely know their macros for a truly healthy and clean-eating lifestyle.

This juice bar is all about delicious fruit and nut snacking as well, with corn chips, assorted nuts and more.
These beetroot chips are honestly so addictive, Ann and I may or may not have devoured it in less than 3 minutes... :P

Their menu is fresh and everchanging, as fruits are seasonal, and they always have fun additions to their menu, such as their delicious Saint Valentine shake, one of their specials for the special day that is coming up next week.  Strawberry, pineapple, orange, honeydew and beetroot.  And mannnnn, the honeydew is the star of that drink, it's deliciously sweet and paired with that strawberry, wow it is honestly a drink for the V-day!  

How About Juice have a detox program coming up soon, and they are always open for feedback and suggestions. And for those Surry Hills dwellers who need that morning pick-me-up but don’t have the time to head down to Reservoir st, How About Juice also does delivery :)
Xavier, Tina @foodfortina and Dafi
Disclaimer: Foodfortina tasted the menu courtesy of How About Juice. Opinions and photos are however my own.  And trust me when I tell you that the breakfast trifle was freaking amazing, the Valentine's Day special should be up on the daily menu, and the Sunshine is certainly the drink to try when you come by here!  

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  1. the saint valentine shake sounds jam-packed full of goodness!

  2. i love a fresh juice to start the day!

  3. friend was recommending this place to my a few days ago. looks refreshing and healthy :)

  4. It really caught my attention when you said that thier menu is fresh and everchanging. Using fruits that are seasonal, and they always have fun additions to their menu. It makes me think to plan and go here in God's perfect timing. Strawberry, pineapple, orange, honeydew and honeydew as the star of that drink. Wow,,,,, it's deliciously sweet and paired with that strawberry.... It makes me crave....

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  6. Ooo this is just around the corner from work... I'll have to try it out.

  7. Fine grilled chicken with mixed salad leaves, corn kernels and onions are the best!!! I love to taste all of it soon


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