Thursday, 25 July 2013

Flour and Stone, Woolloomoolloo - Day 20 of Tina's 12 Week Food Tour

For Day 20 of my 12 Week Food Tour, I decided to invite along two foodblogger friends of mine - Tina from bitemeshowme and Shanshan from Food is our Religion and we visited Flour and Stone.
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Stepping into a cosy cafe with a few tables inside and outside, we are greeted by shelves full of Cookie Couture cookies by Nadine Ingram, who is the owner of this cafe.

Having had visited the cafe bakery before, Shanshan and Tina were familiar with the menu and helped me to order something that would give me a lovely longlasting impression of this place.  And give me a lovely longlasting impression it certainly did.

The menu is limited in the savoury realm, and so this would be a great place for breakfast or morning tea. 
Fig and brown butter tart with Buzo honey
 Chicken, leek and tarragon pie
I absolutely love the pastry of the pie - oh so buttery, flaky, just perfection.  The slightly caramelised salty edges of the pie give it a nice kick.  Filling is warm and perfectly seasoned. These pies are of adequate size; one is definitely enough to fill you for lunch.

I heard the lamb pie is the one to choose, but unfortunately they weren't available on the day we came, so that's one I should keep an eye out for next time I visit.  My friends all know how much I rave about this place, and wanting to come here again.

The pretty blue-green plates, the small and cosy interior, and the homely rustic look of the pastries and decor, everything makes this place worth visiting again. 
Panna cotta lamington
The panna cotta lamington in my takeaway box.

And here is one of the stars of the show - the panna cotta lamington.  While I may get a lot of hate for this, I should point out that I was never a big fan of lamingtons (as un-patriotic as that may make me sound) as it is usually a very dry sponge base with a thin coat of a chocolate substitute and a smear of jam in the middle.   
Finishing my lamington elsewhere

Once you have these lamingtons from Flour and Stone, you are never going to turn back.  I haven't had a single lamington since indulging in this beautiful baby.  That moist rich texture of the bottom layer of the lamington is achieved by pouring panna cotta mix atop the lamington sponge that has been pricked with holes, eliminating that conventional dry feel.  And the real coconut shavings, sooo beautiful.  Real generous coating of milk chocolate, real sweet jam, and real coconut shavings.  Definitely worth the $5.50.  That generous serving size is enough to fill you for lunch as well!

According to the Good Coffee Guide, and many other foodblog reviews, "everything at Flour and Stone is chosen with care, even down to the coffee, by Coffee Alchemy."  The cafe is rated 19/25 for the cafe, and 19/25 for its coffee. 

If the store were situated in a more convenient place for me, I would strongly consider visiting this place more regularly, because their pastry is simply divine.  And who doesn't love an occasional sweet pastry to lighten up the day :)

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  1. Love Flour and Stone! You can feel the love and care in every mouthful :) The apple fine tart is wondrous too!

  2. It was so lovely of you to come out all the way! But glad I was there for your first experience of F&S. Gotta love that lamington!

  3. I literally live right next to Flour & Stone, and I have to restrict how much I can indulge on their cakes and pies! I do really love their lamington, and they have a chocolate caramel tart that is just amazing as well.

    PS I just found your blog, it's lovely! Beautiful pictures.


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