Friday, 10 May 2013

Superbowl, Chinatown + Family Fun Night - Day 15 of Tina's 12 Week Food Tour

Wow was that a long title to type!

And my apologies for not telling you guys about my MIA-ness, but yes, uni has been getting quite busy with my many commitments, haha, but nevertheless, we're past halfway of my 12 Week Food Tour!! Woohoo, a few more entries to go! 

So we decided to have a little family get-together, and what could be better than sharing it over lovely food? :)

Dad has had this promise that he made to us since Ann and I were both in junior high school (to put it in scope, I'm now in uni and my sister, Ann, is in senior high).  He said, "One day, we are going to go as a family and eat cháo đêm" (night congee). And so about 6 years on, we finally get to go eat cháo đêm #betterlatethannever :)

We go to SuperBowl, in Chinatown, and the place is quite crowded at around 7pm-8pm. Hearing customers slurp some nice hot congee from their soup spoons and dipping in some crispy crullers/deepfried breadsticks/you tiau, it really invites you in :)
Seafood congee - $13.70 - complimentary you tiau/Chinese crullers
The stock is so flavoursome! The congee isn't thick and dense, but it isn't fluid and runny either - it looks and feels like the rice grains were grinded in a mortar and pestle beforehand, because the grains are very soft, small, and broken throughout the congee and that helped allow the balance between thick and thin, so just right.
Pippies in XO sauce - Market price 
Addictive, mildly chilli, and the serving is generous, with heaps of XO sauce for each pippy.

Great two dishes for a chilly night out with the family.
A quick pit stop at N2 gelato and we get on some delicious Banana and peanut crumble
The crumble wasn't enough, it was a thin layer on top of the gelato, but in saying that, tossing in the crumble in the gelato might have made it soggy, so this was a really refreshing flavour :)
Another pit stop! 
Takoyaki balls are always delicious street food - omnomnom them fish flakes and kewpie mayo, such lovely condiments :)

And then the Tran family drive all the way to Strathfield for another froyo run!
My sister A used to work at Yogurberry Strathfield, and so whenever Mum and Dad came to pick her up, they'd pop in for some heavily discounted frozen yoghurt deliciousness :)
Hahaha...too slow to take a pic of the froyo!

To find out all the place I've visited during my tour, check out the 12 Week Food Tour tab. 
Super Bowl on Urbanspoon Yogurberry Strathfield on Urbanspoon Kimama Kitchen on Urbanspoon N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

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