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Watts on Crown and Bourke St Bakery - Day 14 of Tina's 12 Week Food Tour

Hello again! We're now more than halfway through my 12 Week Food Tour blogpost series, and just to recap on what it is:

This 12 Week Food Tour is what I created to kinda give myself a reward for going through the HSC year.  So from December 2012 to the end of February 2013 (ie 12 weeks) So the idea was, I would go out every few days to eat at a different place each time.  And for every different day, I'll take a different friend or group of friends with me. 

Being the post-HSC period, it was a great time to catch up with old friends, and this time I've had the great chance of meeting up with my primary school friend V.  She hasn't been around the Surry Hills area before, so this was definitely a chance for me to give her a food tour :) A tour within a tour...are you thinking what I'm thinking? ("Tour-ception"! Haha, I still never get enough of adding "-ception" to things :P )
We initially wanted to brunch out at Kawa, but the weather was extremely hot, and Kawa did not have aircons, so it was stuffy inside and all the outside seats were taken.  We settled for Watts on Crown instead, and it's safe to say we weren't disappointed with our decision to do so.
 One page breakfast menu - quite limited, but there are some exotic options - we opted for:
Omelette with chorizo, chilli jam and coriander - $15

When I saw "chilli jam", I knew straight away I had to order it, there is something lovely about homemade jams and chutneys that I adore - my grandma has been making chilli chutney for the past few months, and I'd always pack myself a little container of chilli chutney to eat with crackers at uni.
Loving the olive oil and fresh herbs.  Creamy omelette, generous serving of chorizo within, beautifully presented, and lovely generous serving size.  Quite worth the $15.
Coriander and chilli corncakes with guacamole and chilli jam $14.00

Lovely interesting name, with crunchy batter and heaps of corn within each corncake, it's quite addictive, this dish. I have a thing for bite-sized crunchy food.  Again, beautifully presented, and delicious guacamole to serve.  Such an exotic breakfast, well worth the $14.
Wonderful service - the waitress even gave us complimentary in-season cherries!
What makes this Surry Hills cafe stand out from its counterparts? A question always posed when I eat my way through Crown, Riley and Bourke.  Unfortunately the breakfast menu is quite limited in comparison to the Kawa one (this is why I like all-day menus for cafes), but the presentation of these dishes was just superb.  There is definitely an aura of class about this cafe, which definitely makes it different to other Surry Hills cafes.

Next stop: Bourke St Bakery! Because a Surry Hills food tour is definitely not a Surry Hills food tour without the presence of this wonderful place :) Still ranked #1 on Urbanspoon, it's definitely a high quality cheap eats place.  

Most of the tarts here would be around $4.80 to $5.
 Lemon meringue - $4.50
Ginger Brulee Tart - Yep, that's right. Everytime I've come here, I've bought this tart.  Best use of a $5 when you're hungry and up for a classy and unforgettable treat.

Chocolate Tart - $4.50

The pastry is the best part about these tarts, and each one of these tarts are full of flavour and creamy delicious texture.  It's really hard to forget to come back to Bourke St Bakery once you've stepped foot into it. I would know :P

Afterwards, I took V to Gelato Messina, and that concludes out mini food tour day together :)

Watts on Crown
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Watts on Crown on Urbanspoon

Bourke St Bakery:
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Bourke Street Bakery on Urbanspoon

To find out all the place I've visited during my tour, check out the 12 Week Food Tour tab. 


  1. freaking LOVE bourke st bakery and the brulee tarts!

  2. THAT chocolate tart is out of this world!! Everything about it esp how it melts in your mouth is AMAZING!

  3. i love both the places you visited and agree with the ginger brulee tart! congrats on getting thru hsc year and hope u got the course u wanted!


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