Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Volcano's - Day 9 of Tina's 12 Week Food Tour!

The city of Bankstown is, simply put, quite limited in terms of the number and range of restaurants.  We have Centro Bankstown's food court, and 3 Maccas all a 5 minute walk away from each other.  There are also several Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants, but since I'm Viet myself and my family prefers to eat Viet at home, I rarely go out for Viet food so that pretty much eliminates more than half my possibilities of eating my way through Bankstown. 

Over the years, there have been a few new restaurants, such as @Thailand, but most of the time, the changes are minimal.  However, being a local, and being a foodblogger for a year, I've started to want to get to know my area better, in regards to its other cultures and their cuisines.

We do have events throughout the year such as the Moon Festival, Children's Festival (which is celebrated on the date of Vietnamese New Year), and Eid, all held at the local park.

Bankstown Bites was a food culture event that started just a few years back, and already it has attracted many names such as MKR 2012's Helen and Steve, Masterchef's Justine Schofield, and Anh Do, who was raised in Bankstown.

We also recently had the Tet festival event, held annually also, but usually those events have the participation of many stalls that aren't Viet or Viet-food related.
Volcano's is a steakhouse in Bankstown that is proudly Australian owned.  All the meat is halal, and they have a range from creamy pastas to burgers to delicious ribs.

The Boy and I chose this place because it's very easy to get to from where we live, and we saw a promotion on Facebook for $10 lunch deals.

It was quite a hot December day, so I settled with a Iced Mocha, $5.95, while The Boy chose his classic favourite, the Caramel Milkshake, $5.95.  I have built an appreciation for caramel milkshakes because he always buys it, but I get full after a few sips.  But to reason with coffee and chocolate would be a mistake. I'm a sucker for anything infused with a bit of coffee. Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, ice, mocha, chocolate syrup, all dusted with a bit of cocoa powder, why refuse? :)
Michael and I opted for the $10 lunch deals. First we went for their signature pasta dish, the Molten Lava, $10.
Rich creamy sauce, it was a divinely decent eat given the amount we paid for.  However, it was expected that the chilli was muted, and the sauce looked more red than pink, it tasted like tomato sauce with a mild chilli note.
I love places that bring fries to justice; decently crunchy outside, with a soft fluffy inside.  I'm not one for soggy fries (so KFC fries are the sore losers on my list), and this place manages to make fries that aren't dripping in oil, with a decent crunch, and quite a generous serving for the $10 deal.  

The chicken is grilled and seasoned well, with soft batter crumbs so it had a soft exterior, with a hint of that lovely fresh note from the parsley.

Definitely a decent filler and something different from Viet food in the area of Bankstown.  I would consider coming here again mainly due to its close proximity and its great value prices.

To find out all the place I've visited during my tour, check out the 12 Week Food Tour tab. 

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  1. It is funny that people all was want something different to what they are used to. I would kill to have a good choice of Vietnamese food nearby!! Maybe I will have to come and visit your area for something tasty... althoug I thinkn I would pass on the burger and chips... we have a lot of that here ;)

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