Thursday, 13 December 2012

Manmaruya Noodle Bar, and Snow Monkey Frozen Yoghurt - Campsie - Day 4 of Tina's 12 Week Food Tour

Day 4, and Fiona, Liana and I decide to head of quite locally to a Japanese Noodle Bar in Campsie, with the name of Manmaruya.  There are a few Manmaruya stores around the Sydney area, one in Hurstville, one in Ashfield, and one in Campsie for the Bankstown-Canterbury peeps.

Despite not really being a Campsie local, and only having been eating out in Campsie for three times in the past two years, Manmaruya was easy to find, being on the main road, Beamish Street, and very close to Campsie station.  There's also a bus line right in front of the store as well, which we mistook for being those lining up for Manmaruya, and getting a tad freaked out because we forgot to book beforehand.  Fortunately, we were able to get seats, and the store was in fact quite crowded at lunchtime.

Miso Ramen (Chicken stock) - Miso flavoured chicken soup noodle, topped with roasted pork, bean sprout, seaweed paper, fungus, bamboo shoots, corn and boiled egg - $10.80
Add $3 if you want some gyoza dumplings and salad on the side.

Fiona says the dumplings weren't crisp on the outside; she's had better dumplings.  And when she's out for Japanese food, she's usually keen on buying Miso Ramen.
Kogashi Ninniku Ramen (Pork stock) - Soy flavoured soup noodle, topped with roasted pork, bean sprout, bamboo shoots, boiled egg and roasted garlic (ninniku means garlic) - $11.80

I prefer pork stock, it has a deeper taste, as opposed to the chicken stock having sweeter notes.  Garlic wasn't prominent in this dish, the best part would have to be the stock for me.  You get the usual lovely toppings, with only two pieces of roast pork.  The yummy stock kept me coming for more :) 

By the way, don't you just love it how they tell you on the menu that you're eating fungus? Haha, a tad unsightly to read, but fortunately we knew it to be just mushrooms and nothing more.

Lunch Bento Boxes - These are a great, filling, and great-priced lunch special - only $10 for a large dish with a generous serving size of everything. Liana ordered the Tontoro Shoga-yaki, which is pork cheek in a ginger sauce.  

The little soft pieces of pork covered in a soft batter, and topped with this special sauce, was quite addictive.  And Liana left me all the thinly sliced pickled ginger pieces, yummmo!

The prices here are decent (around the $10-13 mark), and the interior decor is quite plain, but the proximity of the store was a thumbs up for me.  No ramen places in Bankstown, so Campsie is the closest we've got.

The usual (and expected) generous serving size, typical of ramen bowls, and I was very full afterwards.  On the menu were a very limited range of desserts, consisting of only icecream, with the flavours that are generally regarded as Japanese in origin; green tea, black sesame and red bean.

This place is a decent lunching place, and the three of us were so full by the time we left, so we had a stroll around the area, until we all craved froyo.  And where else to go than to Snow Monkey? :)

Having already visited the place before, it was great coming back and seeing those Polaroids still stuck up on the wall.

It's time to cover them all with yummy froyo!
 A 2nd board is up! And what do we have here?
Thanks Snow Monkey for publishing my blogpost :) And thanks to Yowie for telling me about it :)!
Mini = $2.50 (1 yoghurt flavour), Regular = $3.50 (2 yoghurt flavours) Add 50c for each topping.
I was still pretty full, so a mini froyo it was! Except I bought 3 toppings!!
 Fiona's tutti-fruitti choice :)
Another Polaroid for the wall :)
Us peeps, Fiona, me and Liana :)
To find out all the place I've visited during my tour, check out the 12 Week Food Tour tab. 
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  1. tontoro shoga-yaki is actually pork cheek, not chicken.

    Great blog btw!

    1. Thanks Serena, hmm I couldn't hear what the waitress was saying properly :/ but thanks for telling me, I'll change it right away :)

  2. mmm everything looks so tasty! Can't wait till tomorrow :D

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