Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christopher's Cake Shop - Kogarah - Day 2 of Tina's 12 Week Food Tour

Christopher's Cake Shop at Kogarah is a small shop located in Kogarah Town Centre, a small shopping precinct just past the station barriers.  Having had the choc-nutella cake before, it was a great delight to finally visit it.
I decided to go for the little pastries :)
Left: Thaktila - Also known as Ladie's Fingers.  Almond filling with a light syrup, $0.96
Right: Cashew finger, $1.40

The thaktila has a lovely filling, and the serving size is just right because the degree of sweetness it won't make u feel sick afterwards.  It has a sweet syrup coating, which complements the slightly savoury deep fried pastry.  
Their mango macarons are lovely and soft and chewy in the middle, and at $2.60, its of a decent price, and the size is comparable to those at Lindt and Guylian, and it's not overly sweet either.  I can't help but feel guilty after eating something overly sweet, and my stomach starts hurting afterwards.  So the fact my stomach didn't hurt after these two is a great indication :)

Then I took the risk of eating another sweet pastry; the cashew finger.  This pastry contrasts to the thaktila, in that it is a sweet filo pastry, with a sweet covering, filled with finely crushed savoury cashews.  The cashews are quite lovely as they taste very creamy, with the slightest hint of nuttiness.  The filo pastry separates into its lovely layers as you bite into it, but the syrup is enough to keep the pastry together and not fall apart.  The pastries are quite cool, edging towards the cold side.  I'm not sure if that's how they're meant to be, but I think I would also enjoy a warm version of it.

After eating the cashew finger, my stomach turned the sugar dial on red,  so I reckon two pastries would've been enough to make my day :)

I had the chance to revisit Christopher's cake shop the next day, and my eyes fell upon something I've always wanted to try, but have never bought before. Baklava :) 
Baklava - two layers of filo pastry filled with almonds - $3.50
It was simply divine. The lady asked me if I wanted extra syrup, and after every bite, it left me licking my fingers of yummy syrup, and wanting more :).  A generously sized baklava with lovely separated filo pastry layers, and lovely fine creamy crushed almond filling.

And taking a look around the store, there's plenty of goodies to choose from:
Hopefully I'll get the chance to visit again soon :)

To find out all the place I've visited during my tour, check out the 12 Week Food Tour tab. 
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  1. "I took the risk of eating another sweet pastry"
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