Thursday, 29 November 2012

Pazzo - Surry Hills

The last week of high school could not have been better.  On Monday we had the awesome maths class party, and Tuesday was the year 12 fun day, so we played "safe" pranks on the school...which included cling-wrapping the engineering teacher's car, sticking masking tape on the carpet to resemble roads and having a balloon waterfall hanging down the long flight of stairs :p.  

Then it all quietened down on Tuesday evening, and the prefects took the chance to get together for the last time and celebrate the fun times of the past year.  We held our celebration in a small private room at Pazzo on Crown St.  It was a lovely Italian dim-lit restaurant, which had a cosy private room upstairs, that could hold 25 guests. 

Credits to Lizz H for most of the photos below :)
Most of us :)
(This event was quite a while back, about 2 months back, actually, so I've forgotten a bit of the impression I got from each dish, but I do remember clearly some of the opinions I had.)
A pictorial example of the suave dimness of Pazzo.
We each had a set menu for $30, but it's not a set menu featured on their website.

We weren't given the menu on the night, but the dishes on offer were quite nice indeed.

Appetiser: Garlic Bruschetta

Tasting plate:
- goats cheese
- grilled asparagus
- trout & potato cakes
- ricotta fritters
- roast veg with crostini


- Penne Pasta with tomato and pork ragu (because fettucine wasn't available, I'm guessing, since they say 'fettucine' on their menu)

A decent pasta dish.

- Mammas Ravioli - filled with roast pumpkin, roast tomato sauce with ricotta and fried capers   

All I remember is "creamy pumpkin", "creamy pumpkin", "creammmy pumpkin".  This dish was definitely the highlight for me.  Super creamy and cheesy dishes do get quite overwhelming on the stomach at times, but this ravioli was quite delightful, with the creamy notes coming from something slightly healthier than cheese. 

I believe what is striking about these pasta dishes is that the pasta is all handmade, but apart from that, the simple penne pasta dish was easily beaten by the ravioli, for me.

Gelato, on the house
Slightly grainy, but otherwise decent gelato, chocolate and raspberry.

Great service, quite cosy but lovely experience, decent dishes and wonderful ravioli :)


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  1. What a beautiful restaurant my friend, surry hills is so up and coming :D
    Great review and LOVE the new site look!

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