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Robocog Cafe - Surry Hills

So the boy and I had our trials within the same 3 week block, and both of our schedules were just hectic, but thank goodness we had a whole free day on the final Tuesday.  It's been heaps long since I've posted about him, yeah it's been more than a term.  Wow, time sure flies fast when you have a load of exams to study for. Ah wells, at least trials have ended. *fist pumps towards the ceiling!*

I've been telling him about Robocog Cafe for agesssssss.  And he'd always be like, "meh".  Way to go, Michael. "Take advantage of the fact we're close to Surry Hills restaurants", I wanna tell him, but hey, uni's coming soon so let's hope I'll have more outings to this lovely suburb with him.

And then a few days before that Tuesday, I suggested we go here instead of our plan to go for another visit to Bourke St Bakery (although I am fully tabouli 1000% sure I shall visit this awesome bakery again in the very near future), and when he said "yeah ok, sounds cool", I was like, chyeah I hit the jackpot!! So over the moon!!! :D

Fiona's also been hyping to me about Robocog as well, and how her sister's been raving about the place since she ate there a while ago, so I'm definitely going to take her along to my next trip there.  Because I'm coming back! Why? Because I've been reading plenty of blog posts about it, and you gotta love the concept of the shop.  Robots to be seen everywhere, a little shelf on the wall with all these awesome robots and figurines.  Since the boy's into anything techy and mechanical and like engineer-y, he should be totally up for it.  Here's a good image of the cafe that I found, this is from gosstronomy, a foodblog I also follow.

Having no website and no online menu to look at, this definitely keeps my hopes high!  

Aiyah, I should've taken a pic of that cute part of the menu where they say "No split bills because I am bad at maths" :p

All day brekkie and lunch menus allow us the full range of dishes to choose for our brunch.

Cold Drinks

I ordered the Freezochino (low fat ice coffee frappe) - $6

The boy opted for the Chocolate Decadence (low fat ice chocolate frappe) - $6

I've been telling myself not to depend on coffee for exams.  Hmm... I think I'm a closet coffee addict. Actually, I know I'm a closet coffee addict.  I mean, I always love seeing what bloggers and critics say about coffee, all the different beans and the unique tastes available at different cafes and restaurants and all this other lingo and awesome coffee machines.  I respect everyone who loves coffee and drinks it everyday, but I just have a thing where I'd rather not depend a substance in order to stay awake daily, for the rest of my life.  I've definitely succumbed to these temptations to get through certain exams, but if I could have coffee without the caffeine, I would opt for that instead.  But in saying that, a foodie is not a foodie without a bit of love for the awesome and truly loved coffee bean, and an occasional caffeine hit and the creamy coffee flavour is always nice to have :)  I'm just not really in the know about coffee, and so I can't find a good decaf option out there just yet, any suggestions?

But anyways, might I say how awesome this Freezochino is?!?! It is so creammmy and delish, the yummy coffee flavours blends so well and is homogenous throughout the shaved ice, no big lumps or concentrated flavour spots.  This is definitely a coffee treat worth having again and again! The Chocolate Decadence was raved by the boy (it's equally as homogenous and flavoursome), but I thought it had a bit of a powdery feel after each slurp, which meant less creaminess was felt, probably due to the cocoa powder they used.  But yes, coffee trumps chocolate all the way, Michael, ya hear that? :)

Lunch Menu:

Mexican Fever: Quesadillas - with chicken (because the boy loves chicken, and I love sharing with the boy.  Sharing is caring!!) - Folded tortilla, Melted cheese, Saute Spinach, Chicken with Sour cream & Sweet Chilli $11.90 

Soooo much chicken in these things! Four generous and crisp parcels, and ohmygosh that spinach was so damn good.  I kept raving about it to him as I was eating it!  And melted cheese + warm juicy chicken = Michael steals it all :p 
Anddddd never forget the sour cream.  Never.  One of the best things in life = sour cream.  And at home, I've been eating bowlfuls of its healthier cousin, greek yoghurt.  Whether it's throwing in some chopped strawberries or sprinkling it with organic cocoa, greek yoghurt is so damn yum with anything! 

Salad: Chicken Caesar - (yep, he loves chicken alright) with lettuce, bacon, eggs, croutons, Parmesan cheese & caesar dressing - $12.90
While I am a sucker for sour cream, he lurves his caesar dressing.  This dish of his is a great generous serving of fresh ingredients.

I hope my raving about the Freezochino and the Quesadilla was heard by the three awesome owners, because I went on and on about it for the entire hour and a half we were there :)

They even sell baked goodies! From my seat, where I was right in front of the robot display shelf, I spied colourful macarons under a glass dome cover.  $3.20 per macaron though, so I declined.  But they have a great customer bonus of "eat 9 dishes, get the 10th one free", in which I only knew when asking for their business card.  2 dishes down, 7 more to go.

And the boy gives Robocog a thumbs up, so we're definitely coming back soon!
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