Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cowbell 808

Apologies for the much delayed blogpost, but I am proud to announce that yes I was also part of that foodblogger bandwagon, the Cowbell 808 bandwagon, that is :). I remember that only a mere few weeks back, there was a crazy roll of foodbloggers posting up their visits to Cowbell 808, it certainly is a popular place to go eh?

So is it or is it not okay to spend around about $80 in a mere 3 weeks, in between and after trial exams, on FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD?

Hmm, maybe not so okay considering the Year 12 unemployed me with limited pocket money who has to save what she's got left for the end of year schoolies trip and then that 30 day food tour she's been planning, but hey, spur of the moment decisions are allowed from time to time :).

I must say, I love the aura of Surry Hills and their cafes.  I've loved every place I've been to for the past three weeks, I'd have to say my highlight being Robocog Cafe...well maybe that's because I'm a bit biased since it's the post with the Boy :p But damn, that freezochino coffee frappe is a winner!

You know how there's always that one dish or beverage that sticks with you even long after you've been to a place, and it induces you to be so eager to come back for another visit soon? It might not be anything too special, and it might have been a dish which I've only tasted once in my life, but it certainly does have a bigger impact that way.  For me, Cafe Omelette was that matcha latte (it was first time I've tasted a matcha latte, and I've attempted so many times at home with a dodgy $5 mini frother, unsweetened soy milk, organic honey, cinnamon and matcha powder.  About 5 times now, but to no avail.  They either taste too bitter from too much matcha powder, or too sweet from a bit too much honey. Shall come back to Cafe Omelette to retaste that glory!).  Bourke St Bakery was definitely that Ginger Brulee Tart - I got a sneak peek of its origins when perusing through it in Kinokuniya, it's really interesting to know how Reuben Hills was that lovely salted caramel latte, fouratefive were those awesome kumera sweet potato chips, and Gelato Messina? That place is an exception, artisan gelato at a cheap price

Okay so without any further ado, Cowbell 808 is about a 25 minute walk from Central, on the lovely Bourke St, and it's right next door to Bourke St Primary, and a 10 second walk across the street gets you to Bourke St Bakery. 

This is Sally, who I talked about in my birthday post, we've known each other for five years and we still haven't gone out to eat together anywhere :( So we took this post-trials opportunity, as well as a "heap of free periods" opportunity to brekk out at this lovely 80s style cafe.  I recognised no song while I was here, but it was really likeable music, no doubt.

Awesome place to put sugar, eh?

It was a quiet morning, with about three customers outside and another three inside.

This full day menu is quite exotic, must say, I've been eyeing them fat ricotta hotcakes for a while, from other blogs, and I think seeing "espresso syrup" got me hooked straight away. Sally opted for the baked eggs.

Sucuk Baked Eggs - with braised cherry tomato, spiced beef sausage, flatbread and labneh (yoghurt) - $17

The lovely waitress catered for us to the brim; she served us nice full glasses of water with no tap smell and aftertaste, she cracked some fresh pepper onto the baked eggs, and she even helped us fix our wobbly table (it was due to the uneven floorboards, not a dodgy table leg).  Her service alone makes the service at Cowbell 808 the best of Surry Hills, hands down!

The spiced beef sausages were generous in amount, cut into lovely bite sizes that worked well with the highlight of the dish - the braised cherry tomato. There was a plethora of flavours working together at once, but the cherry tomatoes really got their shine.  However, it did become overwhelming at times, but that was worked out with the generous serving of flatbread.  For me, the bitterness of the labneh didn't enhance the dish, but its creaminess did make the dish a lot richer and lovely.  I highly recommend this dish, this has got to be one of their winners.

After eating these baked eggs, I've been thinking about baked eggs at other places, since they are one of my fave foods :)

Fat Stacked Hotcakes - Fat ricotta hotcakes stacked with marscapone, bacon icecream and espresso syrup - $14

Behold! The tower of creamy uber rich hotcakes! The light buttery consistency of the marscapone gave those dense and rich hotcakes an extra kick of flavour (it didn't make the whole dish feel sickly fattening, it gave it more of a light kick).  The espresso syrup felt more runny than viscous, like as if it was just a shot of espresso poured on top.

This dish was very filling, one hotcake itself was very filling, that I did not feel hungry until 6pm that day. I do not think I could've eaten two hotcakes, so fortunately Sally was there to share it with me.  But in saying that, this is a dish I would actually return for, because of the hotcake's lovely even texture throughout.  One cannot deny the awesomeness of this dish!  But the highlight of this dish has definitely got to be that scoop of bacon ice cream.  If they had a dessert option of bacon ice cream, I would choose that anyday :) Yes, I'm "one of them"; life without bacon is boring.

For those who know me and that funny habit I have of collecting business cards of anywhere that I go to, when I asked the waitress for one, she told me how she had tried to make time on a weekend to order them, but it had been a pretty hectic past few weeks, so she had to postpone them until the weekend.  I missed out on a business card by a matter of days! But it's ok, this is a cafe I would recommend to my friends, and of course, you! :)

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  1. Nomz to the baked eggs. Will check it out next time! awesome post :)

  2. Those hot cakes are amazing and I agree, they're so filling! :)

  3. Wow what chunky fat fluffy hotcakes! I like Sally's pick of the baked eggs, yum.

  4. You're so lucky to have so many yummy places near your school! And don't worry, it's totally okay to spend $80 in three weeks on eating out... food was always an escape for me at exam time too :) I haven't been to Cow Bell yet, but your pics have sold me. Will have to check it out! x


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