Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Se Joung - Campsie

Hiiiiiii everyone :) Man, it's been about 5 or so weeks hasn't it?

Well now that the trials are (almost) over, I'm now able to tell you guys all about the food adventures I've been having!! Since late July, I've been eating heapsssss.

In the forms of: study food, beverages (I rarely make myself shakes or mocha or coffee), birthday surprises, and of course, outings with the family and friends; I'll eventually be sharing all the details! :)

So on the weekend before my birthday, the fam and I went to Se Joung/Se Jong/Sea Jong Korean restaurant in Campsie (so many different spellings on the internet for this place, but not not to be mistaken with Se Jong Korean BBQ buffet, also in Campsie)

Various blogs have mentioned this really nice homely place, tucked inside a nook, right next to Woolies.

I've always wanted to go eat Korean food with the fam.  I've watched Korean dramas since year 4, and now I've finally switched over to US and British films and series (finally!!! I know!! I've kinda been missing out on lots of life due to a Kdrama overhaul.  So I crammed NBC Community and BBC Sherlock and USA Suits into this year and it's been greatttt!!!).  But it's always been a little dream of mine to sit with the fam and enjoy ourselves over a home-style Korean dinner.   Mimicking the yummy homely banquets they always feature in every single Korean drama out there :)

Ooh I spy an I heart food award!!

It was quite empty when we came, a Saturday night and about 4 tables filled.

 Yummy complimentary Korean salads, and yes more chilli please!!

Should've read eatshowandtell's post about going to a Korean restaurant and wearing nice clothes before coming here :/ But the sizzling sound of this bbq as the waitress serves you accompanied with the smell of this beef bulgogi is like amazzzziiinnnnggg! My first legit home-style Korean restaurant experience in Australia.  My "train crew" as I like to call them, aka my friends who you've seen in my Bondi Pizza + @Thailand + Pancakes at the Rocks posts, ate here at the eventually customary end-of-term dinner, which I unfortunately missed out on.

Yes! Peanut sauce and the lettuce you see in Korean dramas! All come to life! And more chilli sauce, chyeah :)

Their omelette (forgot the price and name sorry, but they have one omelette on their entree list so we chose it) is really nice and crispy at the bottom, and packed with yumminess.

Soup :)  Was very homely and decently seasoned, but my parents didn't like it because the particular vegie was too chewy and long and had a bit of a velvety slithery feel in the mouth, almost as viscous as eating canh rau day, which is a Viet soup that when you cut up the leaves, a gelatinous, almost "slimy" liquid comes out and makes the whole soup a lot thicker, but still very nice.

Bibimbap, which translates to mixed rice, was one of my favourites and one of the dishes I had to choose.  It's nothing outstanding to be honest, but I more looked forward to the homely style that these dishes offered.  And best part? Trying to dig off that crispy rice at the bottom of the sizzling bowl!  My grandma's favourite part, haha. 

And last but not least, BBQ CHICKEN!!!  Dad said he liked the beef and chicken.  And that was all he liked.  He has a thing against Korean dramas.  He says they're soppy and repetitive.  Which yes I agree to a certain extent, because you can't beat the classic "Full House" or "Stairway to Heaven", but HELLO?!?!?! IRIS IS SO DAMN GOOD, it's like one of my favourite Korean dramas of all time, and it's not even like an old classic.  And yet Dad watches Viet dramas, which for the record is a TOTAL ripoff from the soppy Kdramas out there.  Except for THIS AWESOME GUY.

Anyways, all this yummy food with Dad's Crown Lager totalled to somewhere between $80-$85 (sorry I couldn't get pictures of the menu or remember the prices).  The service was great, the atmosphere was great, I personally liked the food, Dad and Mum thought it was nothing outstanding, kinda just like eating our home food.  We were soooooooo damn full afterwards, so we took a walk around Campsie for the remainder of the night. 


(to be continued)

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  1. mmm sizzling meat is the best sound and smell!

  2. Had a great meal here the other night:


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