Saturday, 25 August 2012

Gelato Messina - Surry Hills

Much belated post about Gelato Messina, because I had to wait for after trials to blog about it.  It was after the gruelling 3-hours-of-sitting-down-urgh maths trial that Fiona and I reckoned we needed a well-deserved snack. 
 And I've been following Gelato Messina's Instagram for a while (@gelatomessina - they have such awesome instaporn :)  , even though I haven't actually been to their Darlinghurst store. It's one of the stores on my post-HSC 30 day food tour plan thing I had since the start of this year.

But I think they hear my plea ("...please come to Surry Hills! Please come to Surry Hills!") ahahaha jokes aside, I bet a lot of people wanted to see Gelato Messina reside in the Surry Hills.  And yes, gourmet artisan gelato!  So we came here on its 3rd day of existence.

My choices:
Top: salted caramel with white chocolate chips - soooo damn good with those generous white chocolate bits
Bottom: ode to zeno's: light rosewater gelato with lemon and rosewater soaked brioche, pistachio crumbs and cream - interesting and fresh in the mouth

Fiona's choices
Top: yoghurt berry - that anticipated lovely fresh berry + creamy yoghurt combo everyone loves
Bottom: tiramisu - soooo much biscuit base soaked in so much rum oh yum.  Slightly quoting a friend "whoever thought of mixing chocolate, coffee, rum and cake together, 4 of the best things in the world, is genius".

It's a great price, 2 scoops for $5, and they serve in waffle cones or cups.  And it's quite a small store, with two tables, but on this first visit of mine, I saw a man with a familiar face on his MacBook on the 2nd table.  As he left, I realised I was sitting next to the man who owned Gelato Messina!

And no, this shall not be my last time.  With a walking distance of 15 minutes from school, it's great and so close! Next time I'm trying:
- SATAY - peanut butter gelato, roasted coconut, peanuts and a proper kick of spice.. For the more intrepid gelato adventurers out there. 
- Molten SEXUAL CHOCOLATE lava. This flavour could well become as legendary as Number two or Pav.. Dark choc gelato, white choc fudge, freeze dried raspberries.
- The NUT JOB - custard and peanut butter gelato with pie crust and whipped cream.
AND!! Their boobie cake, ehehe.  Or mornoporzione cake to be exact, so I'm guessing it's a "one portion" cake, but this cake seems better for two :)

Haha, as you can see, I always love going for the wacky awesome flavours!  Because they didn't get voted "Best Gelato in Australia" for no reason!
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  1. Satay is no more... but try the Nut Job if it is still avail. And have you tried the pandan.... OMG

  2. LOVE gelato messina! such awesome flavours!

  3. Wow, this place looks amazing. Dying to try their salted caramel ice cream - good choice!

  4. Have you tried RivaReno gelato in further up Crown St near Oxford - it is amazing & so much more natural tasting! I'm converted!!


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