Monday, 27 August 2012

fouratefive - Surry Hills

Yeah I've been saving up big for post-trials, just to spend it on that damn awesome Naked2 Palette, and sooo much on food ahahahas.  With the formal nearing, this is not actually a good thing.  My sister's been going on the Dukan Diet.  And yeah, it's definitely working for her.  I'm just fascinated how it's making her so proactive about things, and she's actually entering the kitchen for once!!  Usually she'd be outside helping Dad with the gardening, and I'd be sneaking into the kitchen to help Mum or just to excuse myself from going out to pull weeds and junk.

I'm not really considering trying it out, I'm just going to take some of the clean unprocessed meal ideas, and I'm currently following the awesome Cassey Ho on, she is an amazing person with an equally amazing body!!  So lucky to have stumbled upon her :)

But before I started Blogilate-ing, I still tried to eat healthy at home, to give me more leway to eat out :p

First was fouratefive cafe, right next to Mad Spuds Cafe, gosh who doesn't love Crown St?!  I ate lunch here with Nicky.

Breakfast is an all day menu, and they start serving lunch at 10am.

lunch menu: 
small bites - kumera chips with homemade aioli - $6
These were amazzziiiinnngggg!! So damn addictive.  Thin and crisp, sweet potato chips are so in right now! I may or may not have eaten more my half the bowl, ie more than half my share...

sandwiches/burgers - southern style pulled pork on organic sourdough with jalapenos, fresh cucumber, rocket & aioli - $13
YES. Jalapenos.  All MINE. It was a very mild chilli, but it totally enhanced that pulled pork.

sandwiches/burgers - roast beef with onion relish, fresh tomato, dijon, aioli, polski ogorki & cos lettuce on organic sourdough - $13
What in the world is polski ogorki, I have no idea, but we chose it anyway haha.

To be honest, I liked the roast beef sandwich more. But I'm glad every dish had aioli.  Despite resorting to Eclipse mints afterwards, garlic mayo still rocks my world :) 

Yummy sandwiches, great service, with those kumera chips being the highlight of my day.  I sooo wanna know how to make them at home!

And no harm done in taking a visit to Gelato Messina afterwards :p

Gaggia La Harte: Milk Choc + Hazelnut gelato w/ choc and hazelnut goo! - verbatim from Gelato Messina Surry Hills daily menu board.  And under this yummy gelato scoop was a scoop of tiramisu, yep chocolate cravings satisfied for the day!

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  1. the roast beef sandwich looks great but man i love sweet potato chips they're just so freaking addictive!


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