Friday, 6 July 2012

Wagamama - Galeries, CBD

It's become a traditional thing that we have family outings to the city once every holidays, so this time, Mum and Ann and I decided to go spend our time around Town Hall area :)

Picked up my Happy prize pack from the awesome Lush QVB along the way:

Gotta love Lush and their products.  I'm not paid to promote them or anything, but I have this innate passion for anything striving to be 99% or 100% chemical free.  These guys have everything to satisfy and tantalise you from head to toe (there's even a men's range, so guys aren't missing out on skincare goodness).  And by goodness, I mean skindeep goodness :) Yes, sometimes they can't help but add preservatives (because natural products won't last that long on their own), but they're definitely not filled to the brim with harmful cancer-causing chemicals like L'Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, L'Occitane, Natio, etc. So I've been buying Lush stuff many times since I first heard about them in 2010. So pop into Lush QVB and try their awesome and real skincare products!

And thanks to Student Edge, I was able to have a complimentary lunch with my mum and sister at Wagamama @ the Galeries :)

On a side note I think I annoy my friends too much at school already (my sincere apologies, but sorry I won't be stopping anytime soon, until after period 7 Maths on Thursday the 19th).  And my twitter friends too, since the inception of my counting down streak for Nolan's #darkknightrises - I started at "39 days to go"...but yes! *fist pumps*, only 13 days to go, people!!! 13 more days :)

But man, this has got to be pure fate how when I came to Galeries, and they had THE BATMOBILE EXHIBITION asidnfosidbfoisbdfoiaosfinao

Well it's the sexy Lamborghini one that's gonna be in the movie, omg can't believe my luck for the whole of today.

Well that wasn't really a side note, was it haha :)

Anyways.... :)

sides: chilli squid - deep-fried squid seasoned with sea salt and shichimi. served with a lime sauce - $9.80

These had just the right amount of seasoning (not too salty or oily), but I wanted more -  this dish was for 5 servings, but it was barely enough for 3 of us.  Great dish, but a bit more would have been worth it. 

wok - stir fried dishes: thai style stir-fried noodles - stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, prawns, egg, spring onions and beansprouts cooked in a spicy tamarind sauce. garnished with crushed roasted peanuts, fresh coriander and a wedge of lime - this dish contains nuts - $19.90

Ann chose this. Yeah, go to a Japanese place and choose something Thai :/  Ahhh wells.  They were a bit heavy handed with the sauce, it was way saltier, since it seems to be similar to pad thai with the thin square noodles, bean sprouts, etc, but its heavy seasoning surprised all three of us upon our first bite.  Yeah, not satisfactory overall.  Mum snuck in a "Next time, I'll show you how to really cook this!" Oh, Mum :)

teriyaki - classic japanese sweet soy sauce: teriyaki raisu tender chicken and red onions in teriyaki
sauce, served with japanese-style rice, garnished with mixed leaves, pickles and sesame seeds - $19.90

Cheers to Japanese rice for having that fresh and mild sweet and sour undertone, one of my favourite rice tastes - apart from Hainanese chicken rice, where Mum uses fresh chicken stock to cook the rice omg yum.  The teriyaki chicken was soft and tender, definitely highlight of the dish.  A decent eat overall. 

Hmm...I think my attention was still on Batman though.  He's everywhere I go :)

Hey Batman, how you doin'? ;)
For dessert, they had a range of ice creams and cakes on their menu, most of which weren't Japanese options.  There was a wagamama sundae, which consists of a few sorbet flavours, fruit and green tea ice cream topped with crispy wonton skins, and a banana katsu, which is crispy breaded banana with coconut ice cream and a honey cinammon sauce.  "Crispy breaded banana" makes me think of Vietnamese banana fritters, which by the way, I recently followed Pham Fatale and found an awesome banana fritters recipe on her site :).  But in the end, we didn't order any because it was cold and raining and they were both cold options.
My verdict? The restaurant doesn't scream "Japanese", it has more of a modern casual style feel, not authentic Japanese.  Their "kids eat free" deal is a winner though.  It's not that cheap either (Sushi Hotaru and Ichi-ban Boshi were bustling with customers while Wagamama had about 6 tables filled).  But the service is great, and the dishes were served fresh from the kitchen, in less than 10 minutes waiting time.  I wouldn't come back though, as I think you could get a better experience elsewhere.

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