Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lao Thai Luammit, Fairfield

It’s nearly the end of Term 2 Holidays, and now's probably a good time to start cramming some trials study. :/ Got a mere 20-something days to go before arguably the hardest batch of exams that completes almost 13 years of solid school. 

But there's only 4 days until The Dark Knight Rises!!! :D George St Event Cinemas is having a full costume display in their foyer the upcoming Wednesday right before the release of this much anticipated ending to this awesome trilogy (yayy, cheers to those 5 frees I have on Wednesday mornings!)

So this will be my last post before I take another blogging break :)

Anyways, so my Dad gets into little happy swings, and one afternoon he decided we should all go eat Laotian food somewhere in Fairfield, to invite my loveable uncle Huy along because we haven't seen him in ages.  I really like Lao/Thai cuisine, with its spiciness and creaminess that after a few eats I’m beginning to appreciate its lovely tastes and textures.

Mum's friend suggested we go Lao Thai Luammit, it's apparently known for good food at a cheap price (about $15pp).  Great timing Dad, great way to finish a holidays before trials studies gets pumping!

Despite my booking in the afternoon the day before, they forgot we were coming, and so they racked up a table for us - the table that was next to us happened to be reserved for 3 people...  Ok well, seeing how little running staff they got, I guess we were comfy enough to let that one slide.

Mum's friend said this place gets quite busy (true that though, the Lao/Thai place 2 stores down had no customers when we left at about 8.15pm, while people have been lining up for Luammit from since before 7pm when we came, to about 7.45pm.  4 cops even came in to order takeaway, haha.

We thought we could get the Thai Pack for $50, because they have dinner packs on their website, but they don’t have it on their menu for some reason.  This pack would have indeed filled us and we would’ve opted to buy more dishes anyway.  

This is what we would've got for $50: Thai Pack: 2 Curry Puffs, 2 Spring Rolls, Red Curry Pork, Cashew Nut Chicken, Padthai Beef, Steamed Rice, Lao Sausage, Sunny Beef, Pok Pok Lao with Salted Crab, Cooked Beef Salad, Hot And Sour Offal Soup (Tom Yum Nai), Sticky Rice, *Free prawn crackers.  Some of these dishes aren't on their original menus, but that's ok. It's definitely a lot for 5 people, would've been such a bargain.
And we ordered at 7pm, but got our first dish at 7.15pm :/ That's longer than any other place I've been to (except Dong Ba at Bankstown, which on its opening day made us wait 45 minutes for our $41 total lunch).

In chronological order:

Side dishes: Sunny Beef (Xinh Savanh) - Slightly sweet sun-dried beef or pork strips. - $9.50

This was a great starter dish. Despite the fact some strips were tougher and harder than others, it was lightly covered all over with a sweetness that was enjoyable. 

Side dishes: Lao Sausage (Sai Oua Lao) - Premium pork sausage with herbs and spices - $10.00

Wasn't sour. At all.  Maybe because I'm a sucker for sour foods, but this tasted like normal pork sausages you'd find at a BBQ.  The dipping sauce didn't make it much sour either. Was a filler dish.

These dishes, however, came out on their own, even though we ordered both Steamed Rice (Khao Chao) - $3.00 and Sticky Rice (Khao Nieow) - $3.00 to eat it with - cheers to nguoi Viet Nam goc com - gotta translate it to Viet rice-dependent people, haha :)

Their sticky rice is so much better than Viet sticky rice to be honest.  It's sticky yet light enough to not get full so quick like the Viet xôi version.

Also, the waiters didn’t know who the dishes were for.  They kept walking around until someone put their hand up to claim it as theirs.  And we kept having to remind them about our dishes, but they did not complain, and were very helpful.  There were about 5 or 6 staff only.

This place also lets you BYO, because they don't have any alcohol on their menus, so when Dad ordered beer ($3 a can), they had to run out to buy it.

Drinks: Sago Iced Tea - Lychee Flavour - with complimentary jelly - $3.00

Salad: Paw Paw Salad Lao (Som Tum Lao style with crab) - Green papaya, tomato, lime juice, crab in anchovy sauce -$9.00 

We ordered medium hot. And man that was some awesome pawpaw salad!! I could just fill my bowl with lots of rice and eat heaps of this mắm along with it.  Although on the saltier side of the palate, one can't help but loving the sourness and freshness and just omg all the juices from that salad made a lovely dressing for the rice! :)

Sweet Soy Noodle (Pad Sa-ew) - Fried flat rice noodles with vegetable in oyster sauce - $14 

A less oilier version of the one I had at Baan Thai, which had the feeling it hadless oyster sauce, but it was just right, and everyone loved it :)

Tom Yum soup – Hot and Sour – $13 (for chicken) - We chose medium hot

Kept coming back for more.  Despite the small amount of chicken present, there were heaps of one of my fave mushrooms, and gotta love Tom Yum :) Who remembers when they had their first Yum Yum instant noodle soup? For me, it must've been like Year 3 or something, it was ages ago, and that was the dish that sparked my curiosity and now love for anything chilli :) 

Spicy chicken salad (Larb Kai) - $14 - Came with a complimentary dish of lettuce 

A warm salad dish, loved all its herbs and spices, but there was a grainy texture after you'd finished each spoonful.  Not sure if that's like salt or MSG, but it was a really bad salty taste that was left in the mouth. 

Fried Ice-Cream With Topping Sauce - $6.00

While we were all so full, we chose the caramel option to finish the night!

Turns out it was just vanilla icecream with a soft deep fried breadcrumb/flour batter covering.  A novelty dessert, but gosh the batter was so hard to cut through. Soft, like the consistency of Viet street food bánh tiêu.  Yeah, I still like Vietnam's version better, better than the one I tried a few days ago, I think that's the only version that can achieve a hot outside and freezing inside. 

All done! (except for that spicy chicken salad...)

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  1. The Paw Paw and Spicy chicken salad look sinfully delish. I happened to eat the different kinds of Thai salads in Bangkok during my Thai travel.Have you tried pairing the sticky rice with a ripe mango?;)

  2. Ohhh that's fried ice-cream looks really good ~ this Lao Thai looks relaly authentic hehe :) it seriously takes me back to the time when I was in Bangkok :)

  3. its my all time favourite, the colour has come out well and looks v appetizing

  4. Lao food has got to be one of my favourite cuisines. Whenever my family and I go, we have to order the usual dishes - Lao pawpaw salad, ox tongue, raw beef salad, crunchy rice ball salad, Lao sausage and Tom Yum soup. Those Lao sausages aren't meant to be sour, I think you're thinking of the fermented one, kinda like Nem Chua. I'm salivating thinking of Laotian food

    1. Oh whoops, you're right, I realised I thought we bought Sour Sausage, because I think we wanted that from the menu. And yeah, I loooooove the Nem chua stuff! :) And I'll defs try those options that you usually order the next time I go eat Laotian :)

  5. It all looks so good, but the salads are always my favourite. When I see deep fried ice cream it always reminds me of the local Chinese joint when I was a kid, always use to order it.

  6. Hey looks great, love your blog by the way, its gotten me through the afternoon. btw the grainy texture in the larb wouldve been from crushed toasted rice.


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