Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Crinitis - Darling Harbour

Shout out to Carob.  Aka @shostaikovsky on twitter ;)  My musical genius friend has turned 17 last Monday!! So thanks to my lovely close friend Liana for organising a surprise birthday dinner for Carob :) And we went all out Italiano @ Harbourside - Sorry in advance for the blurry photos - urgh still can't get it to adjust very well in dark lighting, my point-n-shoot :/, but Jess X's DSLR camera pretty much saved my day (most of the photos in this post are from using her camera) Thanks Jess! :)

Lovely casual atmosphere, heaps of customers at that time of night. 

We opted for a half and half - trust us, with 9 girls, it was a hell of a lot of pizza to share. Would have to say that this is a surprisingly cheap eat, I ended up paying $9.20 for dinner. Now that's rare for the city, and it's pretty much a gourmet-style European dining experience, for less than $10?!?! Definitely coming back soon :) 

We ordered:
Pizza Al Forno Legna - wood fire pizza
*BBQ Pollo (gluten free, and a Criniti's family tradition pizza) - chicken breast, mushrooms, red onion, DOP fior di latte mozzarella (aka mozzarella cheese), origano and bbq sugo (aka BBQ sauce)
* Patatine (vegetarian, and a Criniti's family tradition pizza)- DOP fior di latte mozzarella (aka mozzarella cheese), truffle oil, DOP parmigiano reggiano (aka parmesan cheese), sugo do pomodoro (aka tomato sauce), and potato chips.

Some girls opted for the wedges, served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce - $8.90

Come here for the great value, and the novelty of the 1m pizzas.  And the awesome waiters and waitresses who sing for our birthdays :)  But you can't bring your own birthday cakes, like you can with places such as Pancakes at the Rocks.  $45 for a large strawberry cheesecake, but it was pretty yum.  Carob brought more than half the cake back home (it was pretty heavy, haha)

Credits to Jess X for this one :)

Thanks to the lovely waitress who took this for us :)

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  1. You have got a different pizza with great gathering. It would have been a Great enjoyment. I am missing the moment when I enjoyed eating Best Pizza in Melbourne.

  2. Hi Tina,
    thanks for the good post, and sorry for the really late reply. We hope to see you soon again at any of our venues. We also have our own blog now, www.crinitis.com/blog


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