Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mammas, CBD

YESSSS!!!! ASSESSMENT 3 BLOCK FINALLY OVER! Oh yeah, victory dance :) And what better excuse to eat with CC again than post-assessment-3 celebration? :)

Getting to catch up with CC for lunch was awesome! Once a term definitely isn't enough CC, but we are totally gonna road trip after HSC! :)

After a bit of indecision due to the rain and people being busy, Fiona, CC and I did end up hanging out as planned, except we changed venues to Mammas.  I know, I know, we were planning Holy Basil, and I've had to hold my stomach while listening to Fiona's lovely and hunger-provoking description of the food at Holy Basil at Canley Heights, and making sure I eat at Holy Basil some time this year, hopefully for post-HSC funtime.  When I looked on their website, they said they have a restaurant on Liverpool St Sydney CBD, and?! There's FRIED ICE CREAM. Enough said.

I think price-wise, Holy Basil is a tad more expensive, and I wasn't really feeling the urge to eat Asian food, so when CC suggested Mammas on Livo St, European cuisine, it was a straight win, hands-down.
I promise you, I shall learn how to manage my point-and-shoot camera for clearer photos in darker lighting soon!! :)
Surrounded by pretty posters in their frames, it was a peaceful lunch hour, with a few guests.  The atmosphere was dark with dim lighting, so I'm sorry about the pictures :/  
Credits to Fi's camera :) Remember CC from my Chat Thai post?
- penne chicken - chicken breast, mushrooms, capsicum, onions in our creamy soy based sauce, topped with shallots - $15.80
Not much chicken, but yummm at those mushrooms! The dish was mainly penne and the creamy sauce - I swear it's some sorta mushroom sauce, soooo creamy and delish!  I don't remember the dish having much capsicum though. I remember eating a lot of mushrooms, ehehe :)

- caprice pizza - ham, mushrooms, olives, anchovies and mozzarella cheese on a tomato base - 9 inch  for $12.50 
As I was choosing a pizza from the menu: "....caprice.....mushrooms, olives......cheeeeeeeeeeeeese....".  Talk about judging a pizza by its name.  I always like trying the exotically-named and cheaper-end dishes on menus, so this pizza did it for me :) But I've never had anchovies like this before.  Must say, it added an interesting dimension to the pizza - a bit fishy and bitter, with a little sour note, it was quite dense with salt, and it was dry.  Hmm, sorry, maybe not my type of thing.  But the rest of the pizza was good.  Thin crust, and the pizza was soaking with flavour so most of the flour base was a bit soft and soggy.  But man, so much cheeeeeese.  I think cheese and tomato sauce are the best parts of a good pizza :) Ehehe, doesn't eating pizza always remind you of those lovely food porn shoots of a person pulling a slice of pizza, with all that yummy stringy melted cheese just oozing from the sides, omg that shot is always in pizza ads!  I'm glad Fi and CC enjoyed the pizza :)

- gourmet beef & bacon burger - homemade beef patty, crispy bacon, tomato, beetroot, spinach, caramalised onions and melted mozzarella cheese, served with chips - $11.80
Unfortunately we didn't get to taste Fiona's burger, but it sure looked packed full of flavour! And the yummy hot chips, crisp and crunchy on the outside, quite soft on the inside, like those McCains ones. 

Mammas has a food, desserts, and drinks menu.  Their breakfast, lunch, starters and salad options are all under $15 (except for the mammas big breakfast, which is $15.50).  Pastas are $10-$20, meat dishes $15-$25, and pizzas $10-30 with 2 size options and additional topping options. 

One thing though.  I got annoyed at, and then found myself almost bopping along to, that sloppy soulful seductive 90s girlpop music they were playing.  Like from a Mix 106.5 90s Mix. But other than that, it's affordable, generous servings, a decent eat, and good service. Oh and if you're a student, you get 10% off your final bill! 

So I guess I'll have to save my trip to Holy Basil for later this year, because those fried ice cream blog posts from all the foodbloggers that have been to Holy Basil have made me just a tad jealous...hmm...a little more than a tad... 

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  1. It's Serena again :D I'm totally not stalking you...cough...reading your blog instead of doing hw. YAY!! Anyways, Holy Basil's fried ice cream is soooooooooooooo good. Costs like 13 bux though...But its so yummy :3 I KNOW WHO CC IS :OOOOOOOOO Everything looks so yummy :(


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