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Mad Spuds Cafe - Surry Hills

Gosh time flies when you’re half studying half chillaxing on the net.  More like 90% chillaxing…but anyway.  Wow I realised it’s been about 6 months since I’ve last caught up with Christina.  We rarely have classes together, it’s only Chem, but we sit on different desks and it’s full speed ahead when we have Davis! So no time for the occasional chit-chat across the classroom.
So then we decided to lunch out during our frees (a bonus for dropping Extension English because I now have five frees in a row on a Wednesday, yay!), and after a whole lot of urbanspoon-ing, and calculating the distance from school so that we wouldn’t have to venture too far, we settled with Mad Spuds CafĂ© on Crown St.  ChocolateSuze came here three days in a row, and I’ve actually been waiting to go here after seeing her post. 
Parker's organic sparkling - blood orange - $4 (drinks and coffee menu not available on their website)
I ordered the Little Piggy (first dish ChocolateSuze ordered, hehehe, she made it sound so good, and her picture made me decide straight away), while Christina opted for the Mad Spuds Stack.
MAD SPUD STACK- Spuds DIshes icon - V (for Vegan)
crispy potato cake, halloumi, avocado, caramelized onion, spud skins, sweet potato, mint yoghurt- $15
(Cue 20th Century Fox music)  Behold, the Tower of Potato-ey Awesomeness!
Deconstructed...because the greens were toppling over.  Gotta love that gravy circle ;)
Mash-y innards, oh so creamy and warm :)

Christina and I didn't know what halloumi was, so we guessed it was that chewy white piece under the avocado.  And yes, a strong salty cheese, which I really didn't think was necesssary for this dish.  However, I'd rather this than added salt, as Mad Spuds Cafe "is about delivering quality Nutritious & healthy breakfast, lunch and special organic baked spuds to our customers".

And crispy it was indeed, spud skins were slightly chewy but well seasoned.  And OMG the sweet potato mash was seasoned with some awesome spice, I have no idea what it is, but gosh it is so good!  I’m not so good with identifying my spices (I only know chilli and cinnamon, still a beginner here :)) but this sweet potato mash seriously went so well with everything!  

The presentation is lovely, and for such a reasonable price too.
LITTLE PIGGY - Spuds DIshes icon - G (for Gluten-free)
Crispy bacon strips, feta, mozzarella, cheddar, sour cream- $14

OMG these potatoes are stuffed to the max with 3 awesome cheeses! Too bad there wasn't the "cheddar chip" like what ChocolateSuze had, but I was really happy for choosing this dish.  It was filling indeed, the melted cheeses was a wonder to fork through, the potatoes were baked just right, and yes, eat them potato skins! Salad was fresh and crunchy, and SO HEALTHY :) Not dense with junk mayo, they do live up to their promise indeed!

The waitress that served us asked about how we're going in school, and was hilarious when I was like "oh wow" at the size of my dish, to which she said "oh wow, no-one's said that about me before", very cute :) Man, I swear.  It's starting to become a "given" for me that Surry Hills cafe waiters/waitresses are the best with customer service, I don't even need to comment on it, they're all so friendly! 

But then I guess I can't really say much now since I've only been to 4 places in Surry Hills.  But every place has their own spin: 
- Cafe Omelette - bright and colourful, and awesome egg dishes
- Le Monde - laxx and cheap
- Reuben Hills - awesome South American dishes, with a laidback artsy feel
- Mad Spuds Cafe - mad about spuds!! :)

And and and?? Gotta give credit to the good easy-going music going on at Mad Spuds, not too popular and updated, but not 90s soppy soulful girl-pop.  Hahaha, thank goodness.

Gosh it is truly a blessing to be around a place with sooo many great cafes.  Planning to eat my way through those 3 parallel streets of Crown, Bourke and Riley soon :)

Mad Spuds Cafe Menu

Mad Spuds Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  1. hehe so glad you liked! the service and food at mad spuds is always awesome!


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