Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Live Below the Line: I get to eat again! :)

And yes.  Food came at me like electrons near a positive terminal, omg BINGE FEST!! So I ended up having a kinda binge-sandwich around my LBL 5 day challenge.

It's been a great experience.  Feeling a bit lethargic at times, had way too much starch for my own good and way too little fruit and vegies.  Been internally complaining a lot of the time by not having any source of meat, so my first meal on Saturday morning was some yummy caramelised braised pork, "thịt kho"!
Saturday lunch, I had an entire plate of leafy greens! Don't get me wrong, I always love my vegies, but I felt so free to eat them, I gobbled them down and asked for more :) All of this just felt like I haven't eaten in days!!

Here's a glimpse of what I had on the weekend, and in the past few days :)
Haven't had oysters in agessssss!!! Last time was Nicholas Seafood's seafood platter. And cheers to trying abalone for the first time ever! Cooked with a Viet twist of course :) I swear anything seafood-y tastes good with ginger+oyster sauce dressing, haha
Mmmmm, yeah...that's the way aha aha aha I love steamboats! Hot and steamy pot of deliciousness for a Mother's Day dinner!!!
Fermented rice wine ohhhhhh yeahhhh :) All it takes is patience....and a love for fermented rice! This is the brown rice variety, but I love the dark purply black one too!
Tiramisu from the Cheesecake Shop for Mother's day
I couldn't receive a donut from my maths teacher because of  LBL, so my friend Michael decided to give me one this Monday morning :)
I salute to Grandma's great creme caramel :) This baby is so creamy and delish! And it takes skill to ensure no bubbles form in the creamy bit, and not burning the sugar as well.
Unfortunately, I haven't had a macaron in such a long while! :\
(Blogpost edited 24/2/13)

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