Monday, 7 May 2012

Live Below the Line: Day 1

Yep.  Woke up at 5.30am, getting ready for school :) Saving my stomach for breakfast, because the later I eat, the later I'll get hungry, right? I managed to save my stomach until 8am, where I had my serve of dry cereal.  

Last night, when I was rationing my food, I found out that my share of the Plus cereal will provide about 6 servings.  I've recorded all my servings and distributed it out for my 25 meal times.  And it's just not enough :\
What I brought to school today - breakfast, lunch and recess.  And I'm assuming 1000L of water = 1 cent :) Impossible to do this challenge without the help of water :)  And for dinner, I had the same amount of pasta, and then I had a carrot with Nutella as a dip, instead of cheese like I mentioned in my meal schedule yesterday.

Knowing I was going to have a meeting at lunch and wouldn't be able to microwave my lunch, I resorted for an apple for lunch.  Yes, a mere apple for lunch, and 5 hours of starvation until dinner.

Wow. I had no idea how much I hated our year 12 common room today.  Food was just everywhere, it was insane.  I couldn't even reach for a tea bag, or even some salt or pepper for my pasta! And studying in the common room was just impossible.  The aromas of all those yummy lunches.  And omg especially the hot food from the canteen.  They had beef burgers and creamy pasta today.  Being a regular cashier at the canteen, I'm able to snatch a free lunch

And omg I didn't know Mum was gonna cook Mì Quảng!!!! That's like one of my favourite Viet dishes!!!! :( :(

I seriously regret binging last week. It all started from the prefect arvo tea on Tuesday night, and man the girls at my school really know how to make brownies!! Man, just decadent choc pieces and the dense sweetness of those cheesecake brownies (thanks Chat, it was really yummy! - this is probably the 10th time I've said this, but man it was like mudcake, but creamy and omg cheesecake flavoured anything is good for me! :)). And I was on a massive roll from there. I was just picking food out from the cupboards and the fridge, knowing that I was supposed to be moderating my eating to not skyrocket in weight before assessments (gaining a few kgs really helps the tiredness to kick in...wouldn't want to yawn incessantly during a chem exam! :\)

As I'm typing this, it's around 6pm, and I've just eaten my last meal for the day.  And I was looking at my family eat grapes.  A whole dishful of lovely big crunchy grapes.  Oh mann....And writing about food is making me really hungry.  

Everything made me hungry today.  I think it's the thought of not being able to have easy access to food is the trigger for my stomach to go insane, not the fact that I'm eating the same food for 5 days.  I know I'm not starving myself, which is good, and I'm still fortunate to be allowed to eat on a budget at all, when raising awareness and proceeds for world poverty.


And it's now 6.10pm.  And Grandma just came home with two mini mudcakes....
Why are they all suddenly feasting on good food around me??!?!?!
My stomach is a bit upset now, I think I'll need to calm it down with a piece of toast (thank goodness there's 21 slices in a Coles loaf to share between the 3 of us!).

Hmm but maybe not.  Must...sustain... It's only the first day, it can't be too bad, can it?

And plus, Mum already promised she'll make me Mì Quảng next week (yep, that's right, fist pumpin' the air right now!!), and the mudcake will last in the fridge, and we're planning to lunch out Mother's Day on the Saturday :) Yayyyy :) Something to look forward to!!

(Blogpost edited 24/2/13)

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