Saturday, 5 May 2012

Le Monde, Surry Hills

Hmm...what to do with 5 frees...exams aren't until week 7, and so right now we're feeling pret-ty chillax :) Yep, Fiona and I go lunch out somewhere?  Sounds like a great plan!
And remember how I said I'd plan to go another cafe soon after my Cafe Omelette post? Yes! Perfect opportunity to take advantage of my frees :)
We head off out to Anzac Pde and walk for 15 minutes down Foveaux St, and there it is.  Le Monde is about a 5 minute walk up Foveaux St from Central, so it’s really easy to get to.  Just a bit of a walk uphill and you’ll get there.  So luckily for us, we didn't have to go through the pain of walking uphill!
It’s not a bright place, but when I walked past it yesterday on my way to school, it looked really laid back with those dim-ish lights and a cosy feel.
Being the way-too-far-ahead-planner that I am (as you could probably tell by my planning out post-HSC outings and food trips), I searched up their menu online, and wanted these things.  Fiona did the same :)  Haha, I just don’t really like the feeling of coming somewhere and not being able to choose, because everything sounds so good :)!!
Such an awesomely designed menu, don't you think? :)
Cold Drinks: Affogato (Espresso served over Ice Cream) - $5
 Strong bitter expresso shot with lovely creamy vanilla ice cream
Daily Specials: Scrambled muffin with scrambled egg, basil and parmesan on an English muffin - $5.50
I didn't get to taste this, but Fiona said it's a good and decent scrambled muffin, with a kick of basil that made it much better than the normal stuff.
Morning Meals: Avocado & vine ripened tomato with coriander and cashew pesto on toast - $8
We chose toasted raisin walnut bread.  And what a good choice that was.  The contrasting flavours of the avocado and nut, oh yummm!!
Generous serving of avocado - I like that already :) - with soft juicy tomato, and omg lovely pesto.  Pesto alone with that bread is already divine!  
HCT : Black Forest Gypsy Ham, Gruyere, Vine Ripened Tomato & Dijon - $9 - on toasted ciabatta, and I requested for some house-made mayonnaise (with no extra cost)
But the winner for me today has got to be this HCT.  The ham's note of sweetness and the generous amount of lovely creamy-bitter cheese was complemented by the not-overpowering mustard and housemade sauce.
They do bake sweet things in-house, like muffins, banana bread and the normal cafe treats.
My verdict:
Service: Nice and attentive waiters, and we got served so nicely by a friendly waiter with the name of Will.
Atmosphere: Laid back, nice breeze because of the large window-door.  Nice place to relax for a coffee break, study, or a nice chat.
Price: Compared to Cafe Omelette, Le Monde is much cheaper.
Food and variety: Compared to Cafe Omelette, there is less variety of everything, although I felt the serving size was similar - both cafes filled me up.  The dishes from Cafe Omelette sound more enticing though.

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