Friday, 20 April 2012

Salvo's @ Street Level, Surry Hills

Last Thursday, many of our prefects went to do some community service at Salvo's Street Level, on Crown St/Derby Lane, Surry Hills.
We had a 6 hour day to choose our jobs, whether it be the food market (where folks can buy a week's worth of groceries for under $20, rather than Salvo's former scheme of giving $20 food vouchers for folks to go buy from Coles/Woolies), the trendy op shop, or the kitchen.

So guess where I chose to work... *smiles a wide grin*

Oh yeah, hands up for Kitchen!! :)

We were warmly welcomed by the awesome kitchen head, Kristy, whom I don't think I have a picture of, unfortunately.  
Kate and Ferdous working away
Happy dappy Christine...before she gets her hands dirty with peeling those tomatoes ;)
Shoobs and I (remember Shuhbra from the Languages Festival posts? :)) , and Angela and Kate - gosh we love the kitchen
The Salvo's kitchen staff are very efficient. We were given a huge tote tray of tomatoes, and we had to categorise them: Hard tomatoes would be put back for another day, softer tomatoes would be cut into wedges for the salad for lunch, and the much softer and bruised tomatoes would be peeled for one of the lovely kitchen staff members Monica to make a bolognese sauce for a coming meal. 
Being one of the 6 prefects who stayed in the kitchen for the first half, we were given various jobs, I peeled and chopped carrots and radish, and peeled tomatoes afterwards.  

But my super duper favourite part of the day would have to be...
 CAKE!! :) Oh yumm, Lindt @ Martin Place has generously donated 2 cakes for Salvo's as part of their lunch menu :)
Yep, that's right.  Even the mini choc Lindt sign can't escape from my grasp mwahaha :) This photo was taken 5 seconds before it landed - plop! - into my mouth :D

We also got to serve lunch afterwards, with each lunch serving consisting of: 2 sausages, 1 hash brown (the fried goods were cooked by Eric and Lindsay), caramelised onions, a generous serving of salad, and a small piece of Lindt-style heaven.  Tiramisu cakes they were, lovely and creamy, and man the one with dark-chocolate frosting, oh man, the frosting was like bitter-melt-in-the-mouth goodness!
Just finished the washing up!
From left to right: Ferdous, Lizz H, Lindsay, Monica, Joy, and Ange.
Thumbs up for PORKSTARS! :)
Highlights of my day would have to be just a solid 5 hours of working in the kitchen (with a small lunch break), and just getting to talk to Monica and Lindsay, and also getting to know about people's lives around the Surry Hills area who are dependent on the charities of Salvos.  

*Credits to Angela and Lizz H for supplying me with most of the pics for this post :)
(Blogpost edited 24/2/13)


  1. i thought your aprons said "pornstar" for a second...then i read it properly hahah

  2. well done and that Lindt cake looks so good :-)

  3. i think that's a great idea for community service! looks like you guys had fun too!


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