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Fogo Brazilia Churrasco and Yogurberry, Chatswood

Name a good thing about going on a family outing? Not having to pay for the food, hahaha :) So on Tuesday this week, the day after we went Sydney Fish Markets, we went to Chatswood.  After a quick browse through Daiso (that store that sells everything for $2.80, which is very cheap - keeping in mind both meanings of the word), and buying Asian packaged treats like dried mangoes and flaky peanut cubes - omg, yum! - we finally ventured into Westfield.  Happily purchased my 3rd formal dress option as well (from Myer), and we were perusing around for about 2 hours when ouch! it was already 1pm and we haven't had food!!!

Hmm, I have a thing for avoiding food courts nowadays, I'm not sure why.  I haven't eaten a proper Maccas meal or Subway in agesssss.  So in desperation of searching for a cuisine that I haven't previously tried, as well as being not too oily, to counter with Monday's deep-fried fish market dishes, as well as something that's at a food court, I found myself being pulled towards this lovely place :)
Southern Spiced Beef with Chimmichurri sauce, $10.95
Wow. To be honest, this was such a filling lunch.  Should've been a dish for two. And have just enough room for dessert.

It's the first time I've eaten Brazilian cuisine, and I am really liking it :)

They gave me about 6 slices of beef, and it was seasoned very well.  And 6 slices sure was a lot.  The fatty rind is juicy but is very tough to cut through.  Luckily the place does supply a stainless steel knife and fork for eat-in customers (even so I couldn't cut through the rind, but it certainly helped cutting through all the yummy beef.  I loved that it was brown near the edges, and a pinkish hue near the centre.  The sauce has a bit of pith, but it complements the beef refreshingly, it kinda reminded me of eating tabouli, how the tabouli is really refreshing and tangy. This chimmichurri sauce is light, cool and refreshing, with a hint of tang in it.
With this dish, you get a choice of 2 salads, so I chose "Mixed bean, chilli and lime", and "Roast chorizo and potato".  The first salad choice contained lots of kidney beans, corn and chick peas, and a bit of lime. I don't think I got any chilli though.  As for the 2nd, the potato wasn't too buttery and creamy and full of dressing and that was exactly what I wanted, so the choices of the 2 salads were very good.

On Urbanspoon, there is an entry for another Fogo Brazilia Churrasco place, with 100% of voters liking the place.  The service was really fast, the food was good, and lunch for under $11 that's not of Asian cuisine and isn't full of oil is sure pretty cheap these days!  Hmm, I have nothing bad to say about this place, but I haven't tasted enough of that Southern American cuisine to say much, so no verdict here.
Hmmm what oh I'm sorry, did I just hear someone say desserts? Yeah my full stomach is now empty :)  Yayyy!!! Heading to Yogurberry, outside of Chatties Westfield :) It's a global franchise, and apparently this is 1 of the 2 only stores in Australia where they let you self serve your froyo.  
She was really nice, and as you can see from the abundance of taste-testing cups on her tray, my family was here :) Haha, we ended up buying 3 yoghurt cups, totalling around $17.
The way it works is for every 10g of product, you pay 20c.  So a small cup on average would be around $5 (see below)
Cos froyo's the trend now, eh? Still waiting to try Moochi and Noggi though :\
Fresh fruit, dried fruit, cute lollies and other mini snack toppings, all for you to choose :)
Mine :) I chose the yoghurt flavours mango, blueberry, original, passionfruit, and my toppings were colourful mini-mochis, passionfruit pulp, dried blueberries andcranberries, and mini rice snacks.
Fist-pumping inside my head, because this is also the first time I've tried froyo outside of school! The froyo they have at our school comes in tiny tubs that are $2 each, and are so different to the froyo here, in that while the school tub froyo has a slightly-tougher-than-ice-cream consistency, this yogurberry froyo reminds me of a soft-serve cone, and it's full of fruity goodness!! Size-wise, it's bigger than a New Zealand Natural dessert, whose median price is around $4.50.  But come on, MeetFresh was 5 times the size of this for the same price (I had to pay around $6 for this cup).  Although the huge MeetFresh desserts are mainly shaved ice and that yummy sugar-syruppy liquid, I still reckon $6 for a serving of about 250ml in size is still quite expensive.  But it sure was yummy!  Self-service, lovely bright and 'fruity' atmosphere, great-tasting and cold desserts (maybe not such a good idea because of Tuesday's freezing-as weather), this place is pretty awesome! 

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