Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cafe Omelette

Oh the joys of having 5 free periods all in a row on a Wednesday :)

Despite being a morning person (last year's normal wake up time for was 4.30am...ok, so maybe there's something wrong with me :\), I now truly understand the value of sleep, and why my friends always complain and insist on savouring the last 5 minutes before the dreaded alarm for school.
So I finally put these free periods to use, and had a lovely one hour added onto the snooze time. 

And oh OF COURSE! How could I forget?! Free periods totally =  ANY EXCUSE TO GO EAT!

So I met up with my cousin a few days back, and we brunched out at Cafe Omelette :)  I haven't exactly explored the cafe-realm of foodie-world before, I've always been the hearty type, either opted for lunch or dinner (and the brekkie at Bourke St Bakery was such a good experience, but it was one-off).  So I was looking forward to this lovely Surry Hills cafe brunch experience all week!  Skimming eatability and urbanspoon, I settled for Cafe Omelette, and it was easy for me to get to, just a 2 minute walk from Central Station.  

Mannnn, just reading the menu made my eyes drool, and yeah my cousin and I took about 10 minutes trying to choose our dishes! That's longer than how long it takes me to eat my daily cereal+yoghurt brekkie!! 

Drinks to start us off:

special: l-s-d $4
Dandelion root decaf, anyone? My cousin said it was a interesting drink, but she wouldn't opt for it again.

special: matcha $4
This is such a cute cup!! And man, spooning that lovely frothy foam layer oh yum, that cinammon made it all the creamier and flavoursome :) Why does green tea taste so good in every shape and form!?

Reading a review and seeing someone recommend the "eggs benedict", I decided to give the smoked salmon one a try.

brekks: Eggs benedict - piled high on crispy turkish toast with soft poached eggs and tomato ragout , with smoked salmon = $16
Mmmmm, loved the oooooozy innards of the egg, the turkish toast was a bit awkward to knife my way through, and the generous serving of hollandaise sauce made my day.  Hahaha, sometimes it's all in sauce ehhh.

breakfast specials: chorizo brioche- with fried egg, spinach, tomato and english mustard $10

The mustard was a bit strong, the brioche was fluffy and mildly sweet as expected, and gosh the chorizo was nice!

My verdict:
Atmosphere (and location): The lights were a bit dim inside, and it was a bit stuffy/humid, so we opted for an outdoors table.  The breeze and fresh air was good, but there wasn't enough shade.  So my back ended up being sunbaked for more than an hour.  But otherwise, it was so convenient for me to get to, and the artsy indoors with the colourful red and yellow seats totally give off that vibrant hip Surry Hills vibe! 7/10
Price: So the breakfast specials are around $10, that's ok.  But the brekk I had was more than what I usually pay for lunch or dinner :\  I'm all for cheaps eat, the non-working year 12 student I am, so this was definitely a bit too pricey for me.  5/10
Food and Taste: My first time eating an eggs benedict, and the yolk is exactly what I anticipated.  Thick but runny, but not too runny.  The flavours were amazing, the Turkish bread was hard as to cut, but it was still yummmo.  And it was a HUGE breakfast.  It was the size of lunch.  It was goooooooood :)  10/10
Service: The waiter was really nice, and he was hilarious!  10/10
Overall = 8/10
Would I come back? Although I'm more keen on going to other cafes, the names of the dishes and their presentation, as well as the great service, got me hanging on for a near future visit :)

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  1. OMG AWESOME POST!!! :) :) :) haha $10 is too exp 4 me haha :) i prefer maccas.. $2 burgers ftw haha :) theyre so awesome!!!


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