Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Baan Thai + Patagonia @ Liverpool Westfield

Man, this Sydney weather can really get to you sometimes, can't it? Yeah I remember hearing the rain pelt down on my roof in my sleep at 4.30am this morning, was terrible :\ Nevertheless, yesterday, we went on with our outing plan :) Livo Westfield to go see Hunger Games!!! 

I remember blogsurfing a few weeks back, when there was a huge Hunger Games food craze and I stumbled over so many goodlooking food pics! 

Unfortunately I haven't been hooked onto reading the books like many of my friends. Cynthia's been a crazy fan of The Hunger Games, way before the movie sensation came out, and she's always told us about it, and I'm very happy for her as there's now a movie for her to obsess over :)
My sister and I hung out with our very close friend Sam yesterday, after a term of not seeing her.  Thank goodness for school holidays! We got to Westfield at 11.30, which means LUNCHTIME :) Hahaha, I'm never confident about choosing which place to go to in a food court nowadays, because it's usually the normal Chinese buffet, Maccas, Subway, etc... But man, at Livo, so many choices.  Do I choose Baan Thai, Dergah Grill, or Besta Pasta and Pizza? I really wanted to try a cafe place (Reflections Cafe, newly opened, situated on Level 2, near Myer), but an unemployed student on holidays won't have much to spend. And median price of their mains was $15.  That's like another whole movie ticket!

In the end, Baan Thai it was.  It looked decent, and the menu was alright.
One of the 3 menus they had
Cookin' right on the spot! Transparency, that's what I like to see :)
It's also certified halal :)
Famous Thai Noodles: Chicken Pad See Ew - Thai hawker style stir fried thick rice noodles withsoyasauce, egg and vegetables - $9.90
The chicken was a bit bland, but the rice noodles were seasoned very well.  And then when I got to the bottom of the plate, there was a very thin but visible pool of oil, so these noodles are actually very oily. However, the meal kept its heat well. There weren't a lot of vegies, but there was lots of chicken, and a lot of noodles, which is what I kept grabbing for first!
Chicken Satay - $2.20, Curry Puff (vegetables) - $2
Yummm, the Chicken Satay, with a generous serving of that creamy curry-infused satay sauce, oh yum yum yum! Each skewer had 3 chunks of chicken, perfect!
The curry puff didn't retain its heat well, and it was actually a quite sweet curry puff, with sweet potato and peas inside.
The pad see ew filled me up a lot, not to mention eating the curry puff and chicken satay stick as well. I ate all this with my sister, and even half of this meal was filling!  So a good $7.05 well spent :)

My Verdict:
Atmosphere: Food court, nuff said :)
Food and taste: I wanted a savoury curry puff, but it wasn't specified. The pad see ew was awesome, except that the chicken was bland, the meat wasn't juicy (or infused with a whole lot of oil for that matter), and the noodles did have quite a bit of excess oil.  However, there was a generous serving of chicken, and I like a dish with a whole load of meat :) And the chicken satay stick was well done 8/10
Price: $14.10 in total, very filling even for 2 people.  $7.05 for a head, anything cheaper than $10 gets thumbs up from me! 10/10
Service: Dishes came less than 5 minutes after we ordered, and the cashier lady was very nice and attentive. 10/10
Total: 9.3/10

Afterwards, we walked up to Event Cinemas, only to find that Hunger Games tix have sold out.  What an un-Event-ful day that was :\ (haha, pun intended, credits to Michael, the friend I mentioned a while back since my Bourke St Bakery post).  So after perusing around Westfield, we sat back down for a good much-needed dose of DESSERT :)
 According to this review, Patagonia is a South American ice cream store.  And just look at all these amazing flavours! :)

We opted for a kid's scoop size ($3).  From left to right: Mars Bars, Tiramisu, Berry Cheesecake, and Dulce de Leche with Choc Chips. The chocolate/strawberry/caramel additional sauces are free of charge.  A regular scoop is $4.95.
This was just yum :) The exotic flavours and the cute styrofoam cups, man. The tiramisu had an awesomely large biscuit-crumb-base bit, hard to spoon, but lovely to eat, with its strong milk coffee/latte taste, and a kick of liquer.  The dulce de leche was nice and creamy, but my favourite was definitely berry cheesecake, because I'm one for anything with creaminess, and a sour note :)
Thumbs up for fast service, variety, and it was actually quite a big serving for a "kids scoop".  It looks like it was about the size of a regular scoop at other stores. So thumbs up for price as well!

Well, hopefully another chance comes up soon because I was looking forward to Hunger Games, but I should've figured tix would've sold out quickly :\

And just look at that rain outside your door.  2 days straight, no wonder I'm not allowed to go see Galit Segev at the Chocolate Crisis tonight, in such a weather crisis state like this.  Was looking forward to this 1 hour free event since way before the holidays :\ I mean, a 1 hour lecture on the audacity of CHOCOLATE?!!?! Who wouldn't go?! And cheers for the free nibbles at the end ;) Well I hope you other bloggers out there who know about the event have fun, looking forward to seeing your posts on it :) And for those of you who want to read more about Galit Segev, check out her website here.

Hmm, sad to miss out. But that's ok, hopefully I'll be able to bake soon, before these holidays end!

(Blogpost edited 24/2/13)


  1. it had alcohol and coffee...i'll see you guys from my grave next holidays ~ sam

  2. Food is great but have great OH&s concerns!
    Thursday afternoon around 6. 30pm. We had to interrupt a conversation between staff only to pay for the consequences...

    After touching her hair, she served us without using any gloves... This was still ok since she is using an ice cream scoop..But I
    Was mortified when she digged her hands into to chocolate waffles and place a waffle onto our ice cream with her bear hands!
    I asked for a new serving, and but she just took out the choc waffle n replaced the waffle.

    I paid for the 3 ice cream and swear never to Come back, simple over the fact that it was made out that I was fussy. My boys still enjoyed their favorite ice cream! Sadly I will never come back!


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