Wednesday, 7 March 2012

International Women's Day Breakfast

It's mid-HSC Assessment 2 week for me, and so I haven't been able to post up for a while.  But this morning some of my fellow school friends and I had the privilege to be part of the International Women's Day Breakfast, hosted by UN Women National Committee Australia, so I'd like to share my experience with you now :)
*Sorry for the grainy photos :(
The annual breakfast now celebrates its 101st year in promoting awareness about gender equality throughout the world, and it was held today at Bayside Grand Hall, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, with more than 1700 guests attending.

We heard from Julie McKay, the Executive Director of UN Women Australia Inc, and from 2 students, Mona Baddah from Bankstown Girls HS and Sasha Khan from Redlands, who are both inspirational leaders in their own field and community, with Mona being the school captain of BGHS and aspiring to do communications and optometry, and Sasha doing her IB and writing an essay on the issue of blasphemy law in Pakistan.
The keynote speaker for the event was Sally Sara, known for her courageous work being the ABC network's foreign correspondant, who has been in over 30 countries including Iraq and Afghanistan, and has won many prestigious awards for her amazing journalism work.

She was down-to-earth, passionate, and very brave, but she's also got a sense of humour that we all enjoyed listening to.  Her speech was very inspirational, it incorporated a brief insight into her work at Afghanistan, but she talked more about the women and female children in Afghanistan, being sexually assaulted while they are going out to urinate at night, being engaged at the age of 2 months, and not getting adequate childcare and education support. I really liked her comment, something along the lines of "if you want to make change for girls, you have to make change for boys", and I guess gender equality makes sense in this way, too.  Because in a bigger scope of things, although we do need to help women more as women have been left out and neglected, there are many cases where men don't get the same rights. 

Even though the event occurred in the middle of our assessment week, and some girls had to get back for their Legal Studies exam, it was a wonderful event and I enjoyed listening to the speeches, especially Sally Sara's :)

But on a lighter note --> breakfast wouldn't be breakfast without... FOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD :)
Lizz and I :)
(By the way, Lizz is an awesome photographer :) these are photos from her Instagram of the event)
Food was lovely, it was the size of lunch!! Service was amazing, and this event was really worthwhile.
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