Saturday, 10 March 2012

Friday night markets

WOOOO!!! 1st week of 2nd Assessment done and dusted! There’s no turning back! And so to celebrate, one of my closest friends Fiona and I went to Chinatown to get some hard-earned foooood :)

Haha, we have been planning to go out since 2 weeks before these assessments, we’ve planned other things to do after the 2nd is done as well! Little incentives to keep us sane and happy from exam atmosphere!!  
Fiona’s been around Chinatown a lot more than I have, and she showed me to the Friday Night Markets, which I sadly haven’t been to before, because I’ve never stayed late in Chinatown on a Friday before.  The markets start at around 4pm, and end at 11pm, and it’s full of hot food stalls and Asian clothes and gifts stalls as well.
It was such a hot day, despite the turbulent pouring rain which caused heavy delays to traffic and cancellations to public transport lines the day before.  And so, we visited the lovely Meet Fresh! :)
Cheers for the aircon, and even more cheers for their GLUTINOUS RICE CAKE DESSERT!! $6, yet equivalent to the size of the supreme Mango dessert in my earlier Meetfresh post.
Red beans, pearls, translucent yellow glutinous rice cake cubes, gosh I love Taiwanese desserts!
This dessert is seriously so refreshing, sooooo much shaved ice, sooo good for a hot day :)
I wish they gave us more of those glutinous rice cakes though, they weren’t as sweet as the sugary syrup that was poured onto the shaved ice, but they weren’t bland either.  They had just enough flavour to ensure you tasted a mild sweetness, yet not too sweet so to get thirsty again.  And I wish they gave us more red beans and pearls, and OMG those taro ball things that Meetfresh specially makes!!! Those are just divine!!
In all its glory :)
Icy battlefield: CHARGE!!!!! Plastic spoon attack!!! Going, going, gone!! Hahaha, not really, we couldn't finish it :\
Fiona really likes the potato swirls, and wouldn’t stop talking about them to me during our exam week, making me anticipate them so much.  I bet the guys at the potato swirl store remember Fiona, she comes to their store almost every week, hahaha.  $3.50 for a potato swirl at the Markets, and Fiona recommended I choose salt and black pepper.
The lovely thin layers, all crisp on the outside, and pure potato on the inside :)
It was really handy, because I could just rip the rings out one by one and munch on them :) Their skin was crisp, and the good thing about the flavour was that it didn’t hideaway the potato’s natural flavour when fried, but also enhance it as well! And it was HUGE! Would totally last ages.
 Or not.

So that was our fun and cheap way to celebrate the end of Assessment Block 2 Week 1!  Hmm...what will we be up to next week? :)

(Blogpost 29/12/12)


  1. the potato swirl ♥
    hehe love this post tina! ;) so much good food.

  2. OMG...I'd love to try the twist potato..They look amazing!! :))


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