Friday, 16 March 2012

End of exams outing :)

FINALLY!!! End of 2nd assessments has finally come to us :)  I joined Fiona again, and we spent the day in the city/Darling Harbour area.

My love for Korean dramas (now ex-love thanks to the piling up of exams and my unfortunate late realisation of their frequent recycled plotlines) has definitely spread to food.  I have a few Korean friends who bring good lunches to school, and I have a thing for spicy foods, and I can't get enough of kimchi!!

So I really wanted to have lunch somewhere that was full of Korean foods, that had a kinda homely (and hence, cheap price) feel.  I've never really got to eat out much, but the one time I had Korean BBQ Buffet at Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet was seriously such a good experience, I really recommend it!! (I didn't write a review post on it because I didn't take many pictures that day, was too busy digging into all that lovely meat!!) 

So first off, Kobow.  A small and low-profile Korean restaurant, with mixed reviews.  Walk down the Chinatown lane and you'll eventually get here, and they offer a $10 lunch buffet special :)
Having these mixed reviews in our minds, we stepped into Kobow expecting a small dark quiet place, and that was kinda what it was... 
It was small and cosy, but somehow it didn't feel that cosy, probably because Fiona and I were the first to have come and lunch there.  5 minutes after we came in, an old man and woman came in, so there were basically 4 people in this restaurant for their first half hour of opening.  And then the staff put on Kpop music, I guess to try and liven up the atmosphere a little.
Hahaha hot food :) There were a lot of dishes that they offered, not all pictured here.  Unlike Chatswood's Korean BBQ Charcoal Buffet, this place didn't have desserts as part of the deal.  Kobow did have the generic salad dishes, and of course, what's a Korean restaurant without kimchi? :)
My first buffet dish: there was chillied squid, fried chicken, sweet and sour pork, honey chicken, fries, stir-fry beef and pork, and steamed and chillied vegetables.  There's also dokbokki on this plate, but it's under all that beef and pork haha :) This  was dish 1 out of my 3 dishes. I was sooooo full by the end :\
My verdict:
Atmosphere: Quiet, secluded, not really that cosy when we were there, a dim-lighted spaced, nice attempt with the Kpop music though (2/10)
Pricing: Buffet lunch at $10 in the city?!  Great deal!! (10/10)
Food and Taste: Lots of variety, but many of these dishes are similar to Chinese dishes, and since I've been to a Korean lunch buffet before, this one didn't compare.  The chilli was very mild, no spice attack at all.  I felt the dishes to be quite standard and homely, but it was definitely not outstanding.  (6/10)
Service: It was self serve, so I can't really judge this aspect, but they were nice to us, unlike what the reviews have said.
Overall = 6/10

Kobow on Urbanspoon
I believe if they had more Korean dishes I would've loved this place more.  But then again, it was a quick and cheap feed, and I certainly was full after that!! 

Then after we went to hang about for an hour at pool trying to feel like we're pros hahahaha oh I wish, and attempting to grab onto primary-school-hood again with the swings on the kids playground area, we decided to venture for....MACARONS!!! 

Fiona's birthday was early last month, and we got her some awesome macarons from Lindt Chocolat Cafe at Martin Place for $3 each, and she absolutely loved them! But then we were too lazy to walk all the way to Martin we stopped by at Guylian Chocolate Cafe instead, not knowing whether or not it had macarons, but since it's situated at Darling Quarter, Darling Harbour, it was a really short walk from the children's playground, very good for certain people who are too lazy to walk to chocolate cafes in Martin Place from Darling Harbour, haha.  And mannnn was it pretty :)

Oh and take a look at all that jazz...mmmmmmmm :)
Seriously wish I could buy this whole store right now...
I've been so deprived of macarons lately, no opportunities to bake them or eat them, so this was it. I opted for a salted caramel macaron, because apparently it's one of the best macaron flavours out there, and I haven't even tasted it :\ AND YES DEFINITELY A PISTACHIO MACARON :) (*shout out to @shez -  yes you are so right!! Pistachio is great everytime!! :))
This guy was so friendly to us :) I asked him if I could take pictures of the macarons, and he was like "yeah ok", and then he also agreed to take a picture with the macarons!!! I am definitely going back here, their service is so nice and friendly!! :)
Me and my new best friends, hahaha :)

Fiona opted for this pastry, she loved it lots :) The soft rippable pastry with a custard centre under the sweet glaze and fruit, mmmm :)
My verdict:
Atmosphere: Nice and casual, with indoor and outdoor seats, nice view of Darling Harbour life.  The choc cafe itself didn't have many customers, but it seemed like a good place to relax with some nice chocolatey delicacies!! (10/10) 
Pricing: Quite the upper hand, I think the cheapest things there were the macarons, but then again, it's Guylian, the audacious professional Belgian chocolate that everyone loves. (7/10)
Food and Taste: I've only tried the macarons there, but it's really good quality, so if that reflects on the rest of Guylian's delicacies, then I'd have to give it top marks :) (10/10)
Service: The staff as friendly and nice, and happily let me take pictures :) But again, I can't really judge on this area, because I didn't eat-in at this place.
Overall = 9/10

Definitely coming back to see this seahorse again :)
So that was our 2nd week of exams outing :) Credits to Fiona for a few of these delish pics and the one below :)
Our pit stop to Market City just coming home for a much-needed after-exams super indulgent sleep!!
Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe
Darling Quarter
TR5/TR6 1-25 Harbour Street Sydney NSW 2000
Tel. (02) 9283 1947
Fax. (02) 9283 2398
Check them out at

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe Darling Quarter on Urbanspoon
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  1. OMG I LOVE ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE CAFES IN THE CBD HAHA. They sell the best cakes :)

  2. Yum.. haven't been yet, but will after reading this!!!


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