Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day :)


Valentine's Day for me was very good I must say, because The Boy gave me a really special and wonderful present, a great way to celebrate my first Valentine's Day I actually bothered to celebrate :)
A Ferrero-Rocher flowerbed :)
The soil - made from chocolate and biscuit crumbs :) Mmmm, I love it that the biscuit crumbs weren't too fine, leaving the soil with a conglomerate-type look, with all the different sized "rocks", which I really liked.  The Boy made me 2 layers worth of chocolate soil, and I devoured 1 whole layer at school today haha (I did share some with one or two friends, but I'm pretty sure I ate heaps of it!!)
And of course, my now-favourite confectionery store, Happy Lab.  Haha, this wasn't handmade, but it sure made me HAPPY!!
Overall, it made my day, and I was really glad we decided to hand-make gifts, because as much as I appreciate the idea of giving roses and chocolates, I believe it's also good to put effort into presents; it definitely makes one feel very special :) 

Also, a quick shoutout to Vivian from http://vxdollface.tumblr.com/ for this amazing present, which I received in the mail today. Awesome Valentine's Day present as well!!

(Blogpost edited 29/12/12)

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