Saturday, 11 February 2012


So it's my HSC year and things are piling up fast, and I just got into this food blog craze at the end of 2011, and I must say that I don't regret starting a blog one bit.  I was always reluctant to start a blog of any sorts, because I was afraid it'd take up too much of my time.  But then life's worth living, ain't it? Now I don't think I can pass this HSC year without having time each day to stare at food porn and read about food reviews on everyone's blogs, and learn more tips and tricks to modify and change recipes to one's taste and satisfaction. 

I've kinda learnt since last year to just "live in the now" and embrace everything that comes ahead, but recently, I've been coming up with this mega plan of what I'll indulge in after my HSC's finished (got exactly 9 months to go!! Can't wait haha), and I've been dreaming of the future since!

So out of the blue a few weeks ago, I gave myself a plan of a 30-day after-HSC self indulgence food tour, where I'll go and eat any sort of meal, whether it be brekkie, lunch, dinner or dessert, and I get to enjoy at least one of these meals per day, for 30 consecutive days!  I've invited a few of my close friends and foodie friends to share this experience with me for any days that they are available, but mainly it'll be a treat for myself :)

I've been saving up big-time since January, and thanks to Vietnamese/Chinese New Year, all the red envelope money has given me a headstart! So I'll be spending BIG on food at the end of the year, totally can't wait!!!

I think I'm gonna mainly want to eat desserts though. Since last year, I've had a big thing for desserts.  I've baked heaps last year, mainly for friends birthdays. And I remember baking batch after batch of chocolate macarons (by modifying the Masterchef recipe a bit) and oh yes there were some kitchen disasters... But it made year 11 worthwhile indeed!! 

Also, I've recently grown to have a big appreciation for Adriano Zumbo, and to think that I haven't seen him, or his stores, or tasted any of his macarons and other delicious treats in real life, saddens me.  Because I'm still in high school, I assumed my school would offer work experience to any grade from Year 10 above, but unfortunately, my school doesn't offer it :( I was hyping myself up in the summer holidays to work at The Star, his new store at Pyrmont.  Guess I'll have to wait until uni. And I also have a dedicational tumblr for him, and I just love staring at all those colourful macarons!!! Yeah, he's the best! that I'm in year 12, with time constantly running from my reach (haha doesn't high school always make one feel like this - that every year gets harder, and that every year before feels like a breeze), I don't think I'll get a chance to bake much or go places much either.  So maybe indulging in the idea that I'll have a food-indulgence tour will get me past the HSC stress haha :)

 The places that are definitely on my list so far are:

- Zumbo's The Star
- Any other Zumbo place :P
- Guylian Choc Cafe (first second I saw it on Chocolatesuze's blog, I knew it was gonna go on this list!) as well as a few other choc cafes
- Moochi or Noggi - quite new frozen yoghurt dessert places in the Strathfield area, I think

I also LOVE Korean cuisine (I admit to being an ex-kdrama addict, haha), so I'm definitely going to go somewhere nice and get a bowl of down-to-earth jjajyangmyun!!

Any suggestions for places I should go to for my tour? :)

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  1. Hi!

    A lot changes in 9 months so might be a bit premature to say now. Have a look around but since you seem to be leaning towards dessert places, if you haven't already been, maybe check out Boon, Gelato Messina, Cafe Cre Asion for macarons, Baroque & La Renaissance (much the same; they're owned by the same people), and have a look at the dessert menus of some of the fine dining restaurants. I can vouch for Sepia's desserts and I hear a lot of good things about Universal's desserts.

    As for jajangmyeon, I had a respectable one at Cafe C'Ya in the city. If you can find another place that does a decent job, I'd love to hear about it.

    Might be best to ask again closer to the date (assuming you haven't followed up with your own research) but in the meantime, I hope that helps.

  2. OOOH that sounds like fun!
    i would like to suggest Although i haven't been there myself (...YET) but i saw it recommended in the newspaper today and im planning to go after my next exam as a reward! :D

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate ending a very full on year. As Simon said, a lot changes in Sydney over a couple of months, let alone 9. I think you should keep your ears to the ground and ask the same question a little further down the track.

    I am afraid I am not big on desserts, but if you are saving up, maybe head a little out of Sydney. Maybe down to the South Coast or up North for a few days and have a little regional foodie tour. For example oysters from the South Coast are absolutely wonderful. Freshly shucked just for you :)


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