Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Recipe: Quick and super easy homemade penne pasta

Mum knows I get tired from eating rice all the time (I'm not a rice-person, haha), and she has a love for experimenting in the kitchen, so she taught me how to make this simple yet lovely penne pasta dish!!
1. Boil the penne pasta in a saucepan until soft, but the penne still retaining its elasticity.
2. Drain out (like in Picture 1).  Here, the secret ingredient is chicken salt :) Mix in a bit of chicken salt and mix in well.
3. So that's the penne part done!
4. My mum buys pork mince a lot, because we put little bits of it in our soups for dinner (the typical dinner for my background consists of rice, a meat dish, a vegie dish, and soup). So to prepare that, we add a bit of oil and a bit of onion into a pan, and break some bits of mince, and stir it around a bit.  And here I've basically taken some Leggos Pasta Sauce (this one has mushrooms), and poured that into a saucepan, and added the mince and onion. 

- Store the ununsed mince, onion and mushroom pasta sauce in the fridge, and meanwhile, enjoy!

(Blogpost edited 29/12/12)


  1. looks great, love pasta so much

    1. btw, how long does it take you to cook - the one my parents taught me takes around 3 hours


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