Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pancakes at the Rocks

One of the signature places to be when you go to the city.  Too bad for me, I haven't ever been there in my entire life, until quite recently. Located in Harbourside, Darling Harbour, this place offers lovely pancakes, or so I heard from many of my friends.
So some of my friends and I went out for Pancakes one night :)
Some of the dishes we tried were: 
Hot 'n' Troppo
Buttermilk pancakes with grilled banana, walnuts, cream, chocolate ice cream and our home made chocolate sauce.
Chocolate Jewels
Original chocolate pancakes with cream and chocolate ice cream, smothered in chocolate sauce.
Potato au Gratin
Served with salad. Potato and onion pancakes topped with a tasty cheese melt. Served with grilled banana and pineapple, topped with their original hollandaise sauce and sour cream.
Crunchy corn chips smothered in Mexican beef sauce, beans, jalopeno peppers and a generous melt of tasty cheese. Topped with sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa and shallots. (it can also be served vegetarian style)
Two of my friends having an awesome time with the Potato au Gratin and my friend in the far right trying out one of Pancakes' pizzas :)
So the thought running through my mind's Pancakes at the Rocks right? So since I haven't ever been here, I should totally have pancakes (for dinner...)!
The pancakes were very nice of course - they were quite thick and soft (kinda like sponge cake but denser), and the icecream and cream and special sauce and etc complemented the dishes well, but man I am never eating a sweet thing for dinner again! It was actually quite filling, seeing that the serving was only 2 pancakes.  They were 2 HUGE pancakes. 
The savoury dishes (potato au gratin and pizza) were commended by the friends of mine who had those dishes, and the nachos was definitely a favourite (the sauce was yummm).

My verdict:
Atmosphere: Lively, considering it's a popular destination, great for birthdays and get-togethers. (10/10)
Pricing: Dinner at $15? That is awesomely cheap! Pancakes have a median price of around $12, pizzas range from $14-18, savoury crepes starting at $14.95, and most starters, snacks and drinks are under $10. (9/10)
Food and Taste: Lots of variety in both sweet and savoury categories.  Catering for breakfast, lunch and diner, and kids meals too :) And as I said earlier, the dishes are filling. Taste is obviously great standard (10/10)
Service: Yes, the male staff member who served us was very nice and friendly, came to us quick to any requests, yes service was good.  And they cater for birthdays too =) (10/10)
Overall = 9.75/10

Pancakes details:
Stores: 5 stores available
Trading hours: 7am to around midnight, with "Pancakes at the Rocks" at the Rocks open 24/7

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