Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh is quite a recent discovery of mine, I've only eaten it about 3 times, all of which have been at the ChinaTown store, situated next to Mamak, the Indonesian restaurant that made it onto SMH's Good Food Guide list.  

There are currently 5 stores around NSW, and the ChinaTown, George St, and Chatswood one all look clean and bright and comfortable.
Prices are really good! The most expensive dish is $8, and that's this one right here!
Supreme Mango Crushed Ice  :) yummmmm :) And yeah, it's HUGE! 
...and not for one person only!!!

The dessert contains mango yoghurt, fresh mango cubes (luckily they're still in season!), a scoop of velvety gelato (I think it's vanilla), and lots of crushed ice (and syrup :) )
Mmmm...tasty :) The syrup had a lovely soft sweet flavour, and it gave the crushed ice a light brown tinge.  The yoghurt was just heavenly, and the lovely velvety scoop of gelato was too small!!! In-season sweet mango always tastes awesome!
Fresh mango slices and yoghurt up close :)

We were thirsty, so this dessert quenched our thirsts big time! And it's not sickly sweet like Easy-Way drinks so you won't get thirstier afterwards (honestly, I reckon they're not worth $3.80 a cup, and I get sick of them halfway, so now I rarely ever buy them.  I believe I've purchased Easy-Way a total of 3 times in 2011)

Any downsides to this dish? Well, it's definitely packed with shaved ice and the special sugar-flavoured syrup, that takes up about 60% of the dish.  I'd say then it's 20% yoghurt, 15% mango and 5% gelato.  But other than that, MeetFresh is definitely a good Asian dessert store to visit!

My verdict:
Atmosphere: Nice and lively with music (depends on the store, yes, and this Chatswood store was playing mainstream pop and even Sam Tsui's mash up "Love the way you lie"!! (10/10)
Food and taste: I've tasted the other desserts at this place, and they have the Taro Ball Dessert range, which is really nice (the taro balls are soft, have a nice creamy texture, and are chewy!) (9/10)
Prices: Prices range from around $3.30 to $8.00, and I don't believe the price varies according to shop location, because the ChinaTown store has the same prices as this Chatswood store I went to. (10/10)
Service: They have a really cute electronic queuing device which lights up when your desserts are ready! This is my 4th time going to MeetFresh, and the service at Chatswood is really fast! However, the 3rd time I went to MeetFresh (at ChinaTown), they forgot about my order so I was left standing for 10 minutes, despite the electronic device.  (8/10)
Overall: 9.25/10

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  1. I've only eaten at Meetfresh once because I'm not a big fan of che, but omg it the asian desserts taste so good there!

  2. That does look like a rather delicious dessert and the price is very reasonable and the serving size is soooo generous.

  3. I'm so hungry looking at that Supreme Mango Crushed Ice! It'll make for a fantastic place to go for dessert as the weather heats up.

    P.S. Best of luck with your new food blog!


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