Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Lab

Such a cute confectionery place that I came across when going to Bondi Junction Westfield.  Their chocolates look absolutely gorgeous, and their lollies and gummies are kept in science apparata! Test tubes, volumetric flask and beakers galore!!! And they have cute milk bottle gummies in milk cartons!!
Such cute lollipops, or as they call it, happylab pops!
Colour coded awesomeness!
Coke gummy lollies - 65% fruit juice (apple juice concentrate), these were in a cute cardboard tube, and were slightly under $5.
Lovely chocolates, they kinda look like the ones from Sadaharu Aoki - awesome Japanese chocolatier and patissier based in France - check out some of his creations here and here.
These look so much better than the Max Brenner choc squares
These are such cute individually packed thin choc squares!!

I bought this one...
this one...
and this one =) such cute packaging!!
My kind of science lab anyday :)

I really can't have much of a verdict for this confectionery store.  All I can say is that it's very cute, its packaging is a winner for me, and the taste is decent.
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  1. love happy lab! always so bright and colourful just walking past makes me happy!

  2. I love this place! Can never walk past that store without buying something from there.


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